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Genesis Biohealth | Supplements Designed by Scientists

The Magnesium & Vitamin K Revolution

Health & Nutrition

Our lives revolve around health, which directly impacts the way we live. As human society has evolved, we have lost vital components critical for our wellbeing. Genesis BioHealth, using the latest research, has developed a blend of healing ingredients necessary for body regeneration and optimal health.  Our products contain a proprietary blend of fully reacted magnesium and calcium complexes, as well as the fat soluble vitamins K2-MK4, A and D3.

Supplements Designed by Scientists

In 1939 Dr. Weston A. Price conclusively showed the multigenerational impacts on health when people ate diets high in the fat soluble activators and low in the foods of modern commerce.   These people, such as the American Eskimo, The Swiss Alpine Dwellers, or the Maori of New Zealand, all experienced robust health due to their simple, but nutritious natural diets, high in the fat of grass fed and wild fed animals.

We at Genesis BioHealth have demonstrated that taking the appropriate mixture of vitamins K2-MK4, A, D3 and Magnesium, in the context of a traditional diet, can replicate the benefits and results demonstrated by Dr. Price’s “fat soluble activators” in a reproducible way.   Our products can help to re-saturate depleted tissues with these vital nutrients in just a few short months.  Once the nutrient gaps are closed, the human body can begin to experience more robust health in all its critical sub-systems.  Many ailments respond very positively to our formula.  Not only can they help keep an individual in good health, but they help the body to repair itself from the damage caused by chronic low level fat soluble nutrient deprivation, which is now being discovered to be extremely common.  Recent studies clearly demonstrate that the body gets synergistic benefits from these nutrients when they are all taken together.  Customers following our protocol report improvements in many categories.  

Find out more about this amazing new science on our other pages!  Give our protocol a try, or contact us for more information regarding how our products can help you achieve your specific health goals.

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