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Question: How to Reveal a Possible Fat Soluble Nutrient Deficiency?

Collin Cross; Ph.D. (June, 27 2015)

I got the following questions from someone on a forum I participate in.  I had made a comment that I could often spend a few minutes observing someone and fairly accurately determining their fat soluble nutrient status, referring to the nutrients in our Regenesis+ DA product.

Here is the Q and the A:

Q:  “I’m very interested in your helpful information, thank you. How can you tell what combinations someone is deficient in within 10 minutes of meeting someone? What physical features are you looking at? Thank you.”

A: “I’m not saying it is an exact science, but generally, I look at skin over face, hands and arms, and examine the finger tips and nails, also the visible vasculature and subcutaneous fat disposition. Specifically the texture and morphology of the skin is very sensitive to the fat soluble activators. The tips of the fingers, cuticle and nails will reveal many endocrine dysfunctions. In some individuals, peeling of the skin, or small wounds on the cuticle will reveal blood sugar dysfunction.  Prior to this, the skin around the nail bed will become red, slightly shiny and irritated looking.  In other individuals, though, this sign will not present.  However, if it does present, it is always an indicator of ongoing inflammatory disease and endocrine dysfunction.  Additionally spider veins, rosacea, redness or signs of eczema on the face are all good indicators.  These sign will generally manifest in several key specific ways that are visible.  Genetics, history and diet also factor in if available. A simple estimate of the BMI itself is a great indicator of nutrient deficiency status.

Hopefully, I can observe the individual while they are eating, because this will give clues also. Pore and small facial wrinkles in key specific areas are also an indicator of general calcification status of the skin. One has to observe many people over a sufficient time and know their backgrounds to make the correlations, I would guess is how I have learned this.  Hopefully then one can then observe a person respond to the regimen and listen to their cases over a sufficient period of time. This provides great perspective on these topics.

Since the bodies primary anti-inflammatory mechanisms are K2 dependent and magnesium dependent it makes great sense that we fall victim to the ravages of these chronic cellular inflammatory events over the decades causing widespread metabolic dysfunction.

If one has ever tended roses, or grown a garden, one may have seen the effect themselves in the plants. Often towards the end of a hot summer, flowering plants will begin to suffer. You can fertilize them, water them tend them etc, but they just often will struggle and fail the thrive. Then a rain comes. The rain will wash all the nutrients suspended in the air to earth. Often one can see the cleanliness of the air itself after such a rain. In the following days, the plants will swell and turn green with health. The nutrients delivered by the rain cannot be delivered in most of the store bought fertilizers. The simple rain adds the magic that allows the plant to thrive for a brief period. Until the nutrients are again consumed, the plant will green up. Then it will begin to wilt again and the leave tips will brown again. Not the whole leaf mind you, just the tips at first. This is because the cells in the organism compete for the resources…for the nutrients…only the ones on the periphery will consistently lose the battle. Then the cycle repeats…the rain comes and the leaves spring into health again. Many will adopt the use of a rain barrel, or move to composting to smooth these cycles of nutrient flux.

Early man must have been much like these plants. Battling nature to wrest critical nutrients from his environment. Suffering damage to procure these most vital resources, and then thriving for a brief moment as his bruises and scrapes heal. Hopefully nothing more. The simple act of procuring these fat soluble activators causing damage then again needing to be healed. Drawing on these same resources to fuel the biochemistry to rejuvenate and heal…only to begin to wilt again as the nutrient and energy fluxes decline again and the need for food pumps on.  Hopefully 3 steps forward and two back, not the opposite.

So it is always the peripheries of the cellular organisms that display the signs of resource rationing the most. Long term deprivation, though, will lead to chronic internal cellular dysfunction also and then to disease.  Once the core systems of the bodies regulatory and control mechanisms are affected, the body will begin to even further lose the cellular maintenance battle as demand for nutrients far outstrips supply and the bodies efficiency wanes.   The periphery is made to withstand these cycles of boom and bust in nature, not so the core systems. The fat soluble storage systems are meant to saturate our tissues and buffer the day-to-day supply vs demand equations that the body must reconcile each second. If an organism is not able to eat right and its body does not get adequate fat soluble nutrients, then its reserves will decline until they are empty. Enzyme production rates are then unbuffered and the cells will compete with one another to express these vital metabolites. Not all cells will win this competition and cellular life/death cycles will run unchecked and unbuffered in these cells that cannot get K2.  K2-MK4 stores that should be buffered by a full tank of all the fat soluble  activators. This is called chronic inflammatory disease and causes all health to suffer…just as the plant leaves fail to thrive, so will an animal…until the rain comes anyway!  So can eating a traditional diet and supplementing with K2-MK4 and magnesium and making to get good sources and A and D also.”



We have just upgraded our website.  We have a new look and much new info, but the same reliable products.  In the K2 Overview/Science section, we will be releasing new content each week.  Check back to find out how K2-MK4 deficiency can affect your specific health conditions.

Once, these sections are complete, we will start the blog.  We hope you enjoy the content.  We seek to educate many on the benefits of vitamin K2-MK4, magnesium, a nutrient dense traditional diet, and identifying and eliminating foods containing cellular disrupters and anti-nutrients from the diet.


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