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The Magnesium & Vitamin K Revolution

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New Product Launched! – “Regenesis TS”

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Genesis BioHealth is proud to announce our newest product, Regenesis TS©.  TS stands for “Therapeutic Strength”.  This offering makes it economical for customers who wish to follow the Japanese protocol.  Using the same standard in purity and strength as our other Regenesis© products, the TS offering makes dosages over 4 mg/day of MK4 easily possible.

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The Genesis BioHealth Dietary Guidelines – Roadmap to Health

Collin W. Cross; Ph.D. 2/3/2016

Nutrient friendly Community Life


Hello all,

I often get asked to explain about our dietary guidelines.  This is a complex topic.  However, I recently wrote a letter to a friend who has a serious cardiovascular issue and wanted me to write down my thoughts for him, so he could refer to them later.  This gentleman has decided to take the plunge into the “new nutrition” and stopped his prescription medications, after experiencing serous side effects which gave him reservations.  I have sanitized his letter and added a few graphics below.  This is posted so that others also might benefit, if they have interest and would like to begin this journey.  It is a very rewarding and exciting path, best of luck to all who choose to enter!


Dear John Doe,

Getting healthier from, or staving off,  the symptoms associated with metabolic / inflammatory / auto-immune disease, including hardening of the arteries, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, many more is certainly possible, without prescription medications.  Using the new nutrition to combat these ailments, involves primarily 2 broad strategies.   These are:

  • Getting top notch nutrient density into the body relative to calorie consumption and activity (Nutrients being defined as vitamins and minerals, or micro-nutrients, such as those found in saturated fats from both plants and wild caught or pastured animals, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables). So you have to learn how to eat “nutrient dense foods”.  Meaning bacon, eggs and hash browns are on the menu for breakfast…but more eggs and bacon…less hash browns.  It is especially important to understand though, that one should only use and consume animal products that come from pastured animals, or animals raised in their natural environment.  We want to be especially liberal with the fat, grease and bone-in gelatin.  Fruits, yogurt and lighter fare are good too and you should get plenty of them, but this is common knowledge.  However, it is likely for many people, that the part about liberally eating the yellow fat from pastured animal products seems counter-intuitive.  Especially for one with primary aortic calcification, or other serious metabolic issues.  But this is the biochemical pathway where the nutritional resources needed by your body to heal the damage are found.  Besides eating the fat and gelatin from grass-fed animals, you also need to learn to eat basically anything other than seed based foods (cereals, breads, pastas, beans, nuts, grains, but also much more).  As you progress you can get more sophisticated with selection.  You will basically be going onto what would be considered a “high fat” / “low fiber” diet, by modern convention.  However, it really will not be low fiber.  Just low in the fibers from seed based foods.   One actually gets a lot of soluble fiber, or pre-biotics, from the natural fruits and vegetables consumed in the way we eat.  This is the best kind of fiber anyway, because it feeds the right kind of bacteria to heal your gut, using the resources from the diet.

The way of eating we describe is, not coincidentally, nearly the opposite of what is endorsed by the commercial interests who normally advertise to you.  So from now on we drink……whole milk…not skim milk anymore…even heavy cream…but get the milk raw and unpasteurized if you can.  We want to be reasonable with these things and dilute them with fruits and vegetables, but we want the real and whole nutrition these foods offer.  Your body will begin to store and utilize these vital nutrients over the first several years you change your diet.  The fat soluble biochemistry is slower than the water soluble side, but vital for robust health.  Additionally, you need to learn what “anti-nutrients” are and stop eating those to the greatest degree possible.

As described above, you need a lot of fruits and vegetables too, but eat all the eggs you want, because eggs are especially good for you, and because you need cholesterol right now badly.  Your body uses cholesterol for a very large number of very important things.  Many of these are positively needed to restore, maintain and heal your body.  Without cholesterol, these things don’t happen.

Eating fats is somewhat self-regulating by the endocrine system and brain…that is why you crave these foods sometimes, but don’t want them other times.  So, eat all the eggs and bacon you want for a month, or more.  Just make sure it is from a pastured animal.  Eat the dark meat.  Drink the broth from a coffee cup, with the oil oozing.  If you do this for very long, you will see that you will start to look for a grapefruit, or an apple, or an avocado.  Certainly you will look for something else.  You will quickly get sick of fat and crave other types of food as your body, and its ideally symbiotic microbe passengers, subtly tell you what they want.  The most important point though, is to stop eating foods made from seeds.  Eat anything but food derived from seeds if you can!  It is obvious to me that you are sensitive to something you are eating…likely gluten and many other things.  However, please don’t rush out and buy any “gluten free” stuff…these are products praying on people looking to start learning to eat healthy.  These “gluten free” processed foods are usually made from another bad seed material.  I can tell you specifically, that you personally are almost certainly sensitive to gluten and/or many other food toxins, and you also have “leaky gut syndrome”.  I can tell this because your stomach is distended and swollen but you are not fat, or obese.   This means your stomach is irritated and inflamed…this means it is likely a strong gluten sensitivity, but corn, beans and nuts will do the same thing to lesser degrees.  So will many process chemicals added to industrial foods.  Like round-up sprayed on GMO corn!  However, any grain will do it too, or a bean or a nut.  They will attack and interfere with your cellular biochemistry and cause disease over the decades.

For now, you need to learn to eliminate all these foods.  Later you can re-introduce small quantities back and see how you tolerate them?  First you need to get the active inflammatory processes under control though.  One can allow seeds to pass through their body undigested (like when eating a strawberry), but seeds should not be made into flour, chewed, or otherwise digested, except under emergency, or special social situations.

  • Keeping toxins present in foods, either naturally or un-naturally, out of the body.  Those that we call “process foods” and other naturally toxic foods. These foods contain all sorts of bad chemicals.  Some are contained naturally, like potato skins and the toxic chemical in the green flesh.  While some are added during the commercial processes used to gather, produce, and deliver them to your stomach.  (Preservatives, endocrine disrupters, endo-toxins, cyto-toxins, exito-toxins, inflammatory agents, hormone disrupters, neurotransmitter disrupters…etc).  Plant foods, as a class, naturally have a lot of toxins in them.  This is because they wage war on insects to defend themselves and their progeny.  These chemical warfare agents can harm you too!  So you have to learn about that…the seed family is especially bad, as mentioned above.  The body can rapidly recover from the damage caused by foods, or otherwise, but it requires a lot of nutrients and some time to do so.  So if a person is already short of nutrients, their body can’t fix itself up very effectively, or even produce the chemical energy necessary to do so.  Then if you eat these foods at every meal, your body neither can field the resources and fleet of metabolites necessary to heal the damage, nor does it have the time to do so, even if the resources were available!  This situation eventually leads to metabolic disease.  Thus eating these foods in extreme moderation is very important.  Their toxins take as much as 10 days to flush from the system.  Learning to identify toxic foods takes longer to learn…step one is all process foods…then all the seeds.  Start buying as little food as possible from the store.  Find alternative and real sources of local pastured food at the farmer’s market, or the farm directly.  You have to learn to cook and to store food for left-overs.  It is really the only way…you have to procure and prepare healthy food and eat it…it is very hard to buy good quality “grass-fed” or “pastured” animal products from the store…YET.  Even at the farmer’s market, one must be careful to understand how the animals are fed and raised.  There are many tricks allowed by the FDA, and cutting raw material costs to widen profit margins is the principle effort of all businesses.  When it comes to food, this is almost never good for your health.

To accomplish the objectives above, one must learn to do many things in life differently.  This will be true for most people to one degree or another.  Our society is now completely geared towards the commercial sales and marketing of foods that are designed and produced to serve a decades old dogma.  A dogma of health, based on the faulty cholesterol/heart/health hypothesis that is now known to be incorrect.  This dogma is deeply entrenched and surrounds and supports the commercial use of cheaply grown industrial wheat and corn crops, as well as manufactured meats and dairy products.  These artificially produced food like substances are now used as primary raw materials by nearly all the industrial food manufacturing and distribution companies currently dominating western society.

The reasons our food supply is dominated by detrimental cash crops and industrial interests, rather than wholesome nutritious food from small local farmers, all stem from the culmination of interplay between the government, food, agricultural, medicine, and pharmaceutical industries for many, many decades.  All of these organizations are strictly driven by sets of evolving commercial interests and have now become the primary institutions dominating our lives over the last several hundreds of years.

Unfortunately, the mainstream route to supposed “healthy eating”, has been clearly demonstrated to lead to disaster for both quality of life, as well as aging and health, relative to what we are naturally entitled to.  Our body can function much more robustly than we have come to expect, well into old age.  This fact has been firmly proven by societal and dietary studies in both humans and animals for more than 100 years.   To allow our body to unlock its natural healing mechanisms, as it is meant to be, one must go a different route.  Not the obvious route that is illuminated and served up to us so pleasantly and appealingly on the flashing highway of life.  A better route that time, history, tradition, observation and science has shown us that works to nourish our bodies.  A route, however, that is not sanctioned or advocated, in any way, by the entrenched commercial interests seeking to influence us in our society.

Business Friendly Community Life

Because of the situation described above, our society is set to distribute toxic, adulterated, and nutrient poor process foods only.  This means that in order to truly and effectively accomplish the two primary objectives above, a person generally has to undergo significant re-learning of alternative ways to:

  • Shop
  • Cook
  • Eat

In today’s world, even our most dedicated efforts cannot yield 100% success without draconian re-adjustments that most are not positioned, or willing, to take.  In the end, the journey is about a series of learning and actions, and then choices and compromises.  One must choose to eat what the body needs, not what it wants, what is convenient, or what is commonly practiced by others that have been influenced by what you see in advertisements and commercial settings.   Those types of foods should only be reserved for special occasions.  Say 2 servings per week.

To accomplish all of the above means breaking from the herd.   It takes time, education, force, energy, will-power, determination and faith.   One must educate and train oneself in the 6 areas, outlined below, which are all interconnected in various ways, but work together to accomplish the two strategies above.   The good news is that it all works wonderfully.  Years can be rolled back and ailments reversed in leaps and bounds.  Please feel free to ask questions, clarifications or reservations as you see fit?   I am always happy to talk LOL!

Using our protocol is not easy at first, but does yield measurable and documentable results fairly quickly.  However, it is an adventurous journey that is quite rewarding and even fun.  I say this because it does take time to absorb and learn all the concepts and to change habits and behaviors to adapt one’s lifestyle and tastes to the tenets of the diet…there are millions of ways to accomplish healthy, enjoyable and nutritious eating.  Everyone can find a way to eat things they like in a healthy and satisfying way.   In the end it is actually easier and less expensive.  It may not seem so at first, however.  In fact, far from it.  I remember shuddering as I contemplated what I would  eat if I couldn’t eat seeds?  Now it seems the most natural thing in the world.  At least until I hit one of the many obstacles that make this path more difficult than it needs to be.  However, if one wants to contemplate such serious and mythical prospects as curing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, psoriasis, or even neurapathy, then there is no way around the fact that one must spend more time on the food gathering, preparing and eating processes.  At least at first.  In the end it is actually less time, if done properly.  This is where the learning comes in.  In fact, we see this investment of time as part of the journey.  Possibly a journey of the spirit.  A spirit which cannot exist, without both mind and body.  Only when mind-body-spirit are balanced can true health emerge.  To become as healthy as possible and to reduce disease caused by inflammatory damage, one must learn alternative ways handling food.  Alternative ways of:

  • Obtaining
  • Preparing
  • Cooking
  • Storing
  • Re-using
  • Cleaning

We must re-learn the old ways.  Not our grandmothers “old ways” as a colleague of mine once challenged me about her vinegar based pickles.  Not even her grandmothers old ways.  I am talking about the really old ways.  In the days before the wheat mill and the refrigerator.  After being on the journey a while now, I realize that this is how life is meant to be.  Feeding and sheltering one’s family is the most important activity in life.   As a result of my changing perceptions about food and eating, I much more enjoy the way I now live.  It is ironic that at first it seemed like a burden and obstacle?  Happiness and health are about balance and harmony with sustaining ourselves and our families from the environment.   Only when we live in harmony with the basic natural forces and the limits and rhythms they place on our existence, can our bodies, minds and spirits be all that they can be.

Our protocol is based on a more widely known diet (but still mainly underground) which is called a “traditional real food diet” which is advocated by the “Weston A. Price Foundation”.  They are another organization that advocates a diet based on the principles of Weston A. Prices work, which was published in his excellent book called “nutrition and physical degeneration” in 1938/9.   It is still in print today.  I highly recommend all to read it…the pictures themselves are worth the investment.  Most that read this book, never see themselves, their diet, or our society, in the same way again.  Genesis BioHealth then further restricts this type of diet by adding a more aggressive “low seed content” modifier based on the most recent learning and science.   Rather than first treating such foods by soaking or sprouting, we simply try to avoid them.  This is because these treatments do not completely resolve all known issues with these toxic foods.  Especially the ones that cause inflammatory disease.

Seeds are defined as ANY food substances made from seeds, or their derivatives, which are not always obvious.  These include any foods made from, or including: grains, nuts, legumes (beans), and their oils (vegetable oils).   We do use Palm, Coconut or any saturated medium chain triglyceride based plant oil though.  These are not seeds oils, but can be considered vegetable oils.  However, corn, canola, safflower, etc. are all examples of “seed oils”, which are off the diet.  We instead rely largely on saturated animal oils, and their derivatives like: butter, ghee, clarified butter, lard, drippings, juices, broths, gelatins.  All should be strictly from grass fed or pastured stock only.

It is unfortunate to realize that most of the foods offered by grocery stores and restaurants do not fulfill this requirement.  This means that our travels away from our kitchens become expeditions into a world of toxins and irritants.  We must either go back and adapt our stomachs and bodies to eating unhealthy process foods again, or take our own food with us…I am still learning how to do this better.

Below are the areas in which one must learn to work.  All must be done simultaneously, or results suffer and/or will be sporadic.  “Healing the gut” and the lining of the GI tract are a central focus point which we seek to affect in the beginning phase of the healing process.  This is the most important step and then opens the door to the partial reversal of disease by helping to improve the impaired ability of the body to absorb the nutrients needed to properly maintain the biological logistics lines used to produce cellular fuel and the biochemical machinery needed to heal cells and to then maintain them according to our genetic blue print.

As an overall guideline, calories from animal products should be about 40% of the diet and the rest should be from fresh unprocessed fruits, and vegetables.  Seed based foods, or process commercial foods, are ideally excluded/minimized to the greatest degree possible.  Moderation and variety remain the most important tenets of nutrition.  All foods are both bad and good.  The body can heal from damage done by bad foods, but these foods must be rotated so that each particular type of specific cellular damage (inflammation) from a particular food can heal before the cells are stressed in that way again.

Each food can be thought of as providing the body with a unique series of toxins and irritants, but also a unique set of nutrients.   Animal foods are generally less toxic, because another animal has already processed the toxins from the plants.  Herd animals are uniquely designed to digest and process grasses…this is the way we should get the nutrients from grasses, by eating herd animals…not from eating seeds.  However, fragile nutrients, such as antioxidants, are only active when eaten fresh.  These are lost if we ourselves do not process the plant.  So we still need lots fresh fruits and vegetables ourselves.

Please find below the six outlined areas of work needed to stabilize a large number of “diseases” stemming from ongoing metabolic/regulatory disorders.

  1. Maximizing nutrient density relative to caloric demands.  Ideally from high vitamin K2 containing fatty pastured animal foods.   Also from preferably homemade fermented vegetables and diary products.  These should be eaten in small but steady doses.  Foods such as live unpasteurized sauerkraut, Kim-chi, pickles, kefir, cottage cheese, sour cream, and a wide variety of both hard and soft cheeses.
  2. Excluding process toxins, natural toxins, and anti-nutrients from all sources. Includes all process foods, chloride and fluoride in water, aluminum in cookware and deodorant, lotions, creams, toothpaste, heavy metals from fish, and other sources, BPA in plastics.  Other known endocrine, cellular, or nervous system disrupting compounds borne by food, either natural or man-made.
  3. Limit seed based foods to less than 5% of calories, primarily limiting the gluten bearing grains and GMO corn, while maximizing healthy fruits and vegetables that are not drawn from the nightshade family (Solanaceae), including potato skins, peppers of all types, eggplants and tomato’s.
  4. Build and nurture a healthy colony of symbiotic “good” bacteria in the gut, while preventing their destruction by the preservatives in commercial process foods and subsequent blooms of “bad” or parasitic/aggressive bacteria which destroy the immune system and the lining of the gut and causing it to leak and begin the calcification process known as “atherosclerosis” and hundreds of other problems.
  5. Supplement vitamin K2-MK4 and good quality magnesium from Genesis BioHealth, with occasional A and D from quality sources and with lavish magnesium and proper quantities of the other nutrients.
  6. Learn to manage your vitamin D from natural Sunlight, while minimizing burning potential.  This so as to keep your blood levels above rock bottom minimum of 25 ng/ml, and even better over 50 ng/ml.  This is a complex topic and takes a lot of practice to do well.  It bears much education.  Suffice it to say that there is no substitute for the naturally produced multi-level, multi-hormone, multi-regulatory cascade that occurs from natural sunlight falling on our skin.  However, sun bathing done poorly can cause overexposure and have negative consequences. Taking a D3 supplement is also a poor substitute, regardless of what your doctor may tell you.  Do this only as absolutely necessary to maintain D levels up in the winter if possible!

It is like the wild west out there…don’t read too much into the top layer of the internet or the lay person is likely to fall prey to a host of pitfalls and pseudo-science.  You can call anytime.


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