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The Six Tenets of Behavioral Health | Genesis Biohealth

The Magnesium & Vitamin K Revolution

The Six Tenets of Behavioral Health

Balance of ForcesCollin Cross; Ph.D. 6/5/2016


I finally got serious about studying the biochemistry of nutrition again, after reading Weston A. Prices work a few years ago.  Unfortunately, between the time when Dr. Price’s book first published in 1938 and today, the situation has gotten even more complex.  Because of the incontrovertible evidence detailed in his book, which showed the impact of his “fat soluble activators” and the introduction of commercial foods onto the natural human physiology and immune system, a primary question grew in my mind.  This question, which has occupied us, is whether or not a person whom had succumbed to such decades of commercial food supply induced degenerative metabolic disease, as I had, could “regenerate”?  Regenerate and become truly healthy again without medicine?  As it turns out, we have discovered that the answer is definitely yes, at least as long as there is time and the genome allows it.  Certainly for myself and my immediate family I can speak freely that we have observed this.  Based on our findings and observations, we see that it is possible for many others to experience just the same thing.  It is only a matter of education, discipline, approach, and time.  This is because all the nutrient gaps have to first be closed, and the individual must learn to eat nutrients from real foods balanced to the proper ranges.  Then secondly, the body must have time to use the new resources; time to affect tissue repair and remodeling, according to age and genetic limitations.

The banner graphic above shows how optimal health can be conceptualized as the balance between restorative and degenerative effects.  We call this model the “competitive rates theory of optimal health”.  The idea is to learn to eat foods that decrease cellular damage potential while also increasing cellular repair rate potential.  Also conversely, learning to not eat foods that increase cellular damage rates and thereby impose unnecessary cellular stress too frequently.  Some food types are very powerful and can affect both repair and damage rates simultaneously if one chooses to either adopt them into the diet or eliminate them.  The dietary tactics outlined here can help bring the body’s rate of potential rejuvenation into balance with, degenerative demand, available nutritional resources, and biochemical requirements.

What we did

We base our dietary and lifestyle protocol on the “Six Tenets of Behavioral Health“, flowing from our competitive rates philosophy of optimal health.  Why do we call it “Behavioral Health”?  Well, this is because knowing how to eat in a healthy way, and actually practicing the art of doing so, are two different things.  As it turns out for us, dietary health is all about choices and actions, thus it is behavioral.   Many can read and talk about what it takes to live a healthy life.  That is one thing.  However, for a person to take the time to actually internalize these things and then diligently practice them is quite another.

  1. Supplement with lavish Magnesium and appropriate K2-MK4 from Genesis BioHealth – Also use mixtures of high quality natural sea salt for trace elements.  If following our protocol, Magnesium and sea salt are truly the only “supplements” needed.  All the other micronutrients are derived from the diet.  Unfortunately, this is not possible for magnesium, or the trace minerals present in sea salts.  Supplemented magnesium, K2-MK4, and the other vitamins and minerals from food, build the foundation for biochemical energy production and the functional activation of all the enzymatic and genetic systems of the body.  Without all these essential nutrients, the body’s chemical processes cannot function at full speed.  To remodel the body, it requires the full speed of the immune system and all of its chemical energy production facilities.
  2. Maximize nutrient density – Eat lots of pastured beef and other ruminant animal meat, their dairy products, and/or wild caught fish.  This piece is critical and not to be taken lightly.  Cheating here is the biggest cause of failure.  Pastured eggs, chicken and pork are all good sometimes too, but the pastured meat of practicing herbivores and wild fish are the two best because of their diet of a wide variety of green grasses or algea and plankton.  We personally are not huge fans of seafood, so we prefer landfood anyway.  From an Omega 3 perspective, we like pastured beef best after fish.  Many historical cultures have thrived on ruminate animals with nearly equal health metrics to the Inuit, who are the bell-weather for seafood diet studies.  These foods are available from real farmers, often at the local farmers market.  We believe it is best to cook with the bone in and fat on.  Drink the gravy and natural juice.  Work to consume both protein and fat containing portions.  Organ meat and bone marrow are desirable for those that can enjoy them.  Bone broth and fresh stews from real stock are ideal.  Fresh vegetables and fruits to about 40% of diet.  No commercially prepared foods (even the sliced fresh fruit at the store counts as a “processed food”).  All foods must be fresh and prepared manually, or it is likely adulterated with some chemicals like bleach or MSG which kill healthy gut microbes.   This tenet boosts all vitamins and minerals, as well as boosting omega 3 while reducing omega 6 and eliminating many toxins.
  3. Stop consuming seeds – Cease and/or severely limit the consumption of all foods derived from “seeds”.  It is okay to eat seeds that are whole.  Such as found in fruits or berries like strawberries.  These will pass through the GI system due to the special biochemistry of the seed that selects for just such behavior.  What we mean by “seed” includes all forms of grains, nuts, legumes (beans), and most especially seed based oils that people are urged to eat as staples.  These foods load the tissues of the body with too many inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids to be counteracted with any quantity of omega 3, overload the carbohydrate processing pathways along with sugar, skew the metabolism and its regulatory systems, strip the body of magnesium, inflame the GI tract, block absorption of key nutrients, deliver large quantities of physiologically disruptive toxins – both man-made and natural, bloat the stomach, short the nervous system, and stop the individual from eating less toxic and more nutritious food.  This step, which is hard to accept for many, is vitally important because it stops one of the two largest sources of omega 6, most of the problematic carbohydrate load, and the bulk of the worst pesticides, herbicides, and plant borne toxins, including phytates, lectins, and many others too long to name.
  4. Build and protect healthy colonies of gut probiotics – Learn to make and use home-made naturally fermented vegetables and dairy as a regular part of the diet.  These naturally fermented foods, having never been pasteurized, are more than 10 times more diverse and nutrient rich than nearly any store bought variety, which by law must first be pasteurized and re-inoculated with a few commercially viable strains.  The full spectrum of these naturally diverse species of “good” bacteria, available from wild ferments, are now recognized to be symbiotic and act in concert with our internal regulatory systems, such as that of our nervous, immune and hormonal systems.  These bacteria, once they have colonized the GI tract, will literally make the bulk of our vitamins for us, as well as aid the digestion and absorption of all nutrients.  Without the proper balance and diversity of microbes in our GI system, our body can’t get enough vitamins, digest food, or regulate itself properly, including the appetite and immune system especially.
  5. Learn to get as much vitamin D from sunlight as possible – Vitamin D generated from the skin is vitally important for a wide variety of critical biochemistry we need to fix the body.  Taking a supplement is not nearly as good.  Learning to generate the full spectrum of hormonal D family from naturally derived food sources and sunlight is vitally important to health.  None of the other things we discuss work nearly as well without adequate vitamin D from the sun.  If you can’t do this, due to your location, then we suggest to eat a lot of a fatty animal that has a lot of this type of D, like oily cold water fish, fermented cod liver oil, or just liberal high quality pastured beef/diary/homemade deep yellow butter.
  6. Learn to exclude all process toxins from the body – These toxins erode and interfere with our bodies chemical communication systems and structural integrity, thereby causing our cells to work at lower efficiency in all their aspects and to die too quickly and easily.   They also kill the good bacteria in our stomach that we try to cultivate in tenet 4.  These toxins are numerous and include both artificial and natural toxins, as well as passive anti-nutrients from all sources.   The list includes, but is not limited to: all process foods, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, chloride and fluoride in water, aluminum in cookware, lotions, creams, toothpaste, heavy metals from fish, and other sources, BPA in plastics, and glyphosate on GMO crops, other known endocrine, cellular, or nervous system disrupting compounds borne by food, either natural or man-made.

What Happened?

For all of our family whom are on the protocol, after roughly 2 years of working and perfecting the approach and our understanding, we have all obtained dramatic gains in health without further use of medication.  We have all lost weight, gained energy and gained mobility.  For my mother and Pops, they are off of over 12 medications and are experiencing excellent quarterly labs under their doctor’s care, whom is very amazed, but whom we have battled each step of the way regarding both food choices and medications and their projected impacts.  The numbers and history support the success and efficacy of our approach however, not theirs, or their dogma.  We have seen and documented dramatic reversal of arthritis, psoriasis, diabetes, neuropathy, restless sleep, high blood pressure, bad lipid and cholesterol indicators, as well as migraine headaches, aches and pains, and much more, just as I have experienced.  As have many others.

Amazingly, before the protocol, following a “diabetic diet” or Low Carbohydrate High Fat diet, and while taking all the medications under our doctor’s care, our lab numbers were always borderline at best.  For me, especially triglycerides and blood pressure were challenged and always trying to rise, no matter how much exercise I did, or how low I kept my carbs or cut my sugar.  I now realize this was primarily due to nuts and beans at much too high a frequency (a few handfuls daily to weekly) and poor quality commercial foods with poor spectrum of nutrition.  These dietary protocol largely fail to focus on micronutrients and toxins and how to properly select for them in natural foods.

Now, following the protocol for 2 years, all my typical health metrics are normalized across the board, as are my parents, with no tendency to spring up, as long as we follow the tenets listed above.   Glucose and lipid panel numbers are now consistently centered in normal ranges and dramatically improved.  This is what we call “reversal”.  The reversal of the diabetic neuropathy in my mother’s feet is especially amazing.  This condition, and the others, had been degenerating continually for over a decade, to the point of having difficulty walking normally.  Now it is gone as if it never had occurred, along with many other ailments.

For me personally, I have no more observable symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, immune dysfunction, gingivitis, or aches and pains which I had previously.  I can fluidly drop from standing to sitting cross legged on the floor, and back to standing position again with no use of the hands or arms, which can sit on top of my head.  Two years ago, even sitting in a meeting with my knees crossed led to pain and getting my shoes and socks on in the morning was not very graceful.  All along, there was no problem with my body, or its chemistry as I had become accustomed to thinking.  The problem was with the food all along, and my  increased sensitivity to it.  My last metric returning to “normal” has been my blood pressure.  It was 121/79 this morning with no medication in over 2 weeks.  It has been running pretty much this way for a few months now, and for the first time in over 20 years of fiddling with various dietary approaches!  We consider this another milestone.  This was always the trickiest of my biometrics to control by diet.  Now I can predict its gyrations accurately and control it to an arbitrary degree.  For many to achieve such results it just takes times to fill the nutrient stores, remodel the tissues with omega 3, flush out the omega 6, and complete many other internal processes that naturally seek to re-normalize, if given the opportunity.

The improvements we have had are numerous.  The weight we have lost has been gradual and natural.  The gains have been realized without counting any carbs or calories or anything else.  This is a true sign of the appetite falling back into regulatory control during the course of the protocol.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for ice cream, it would all be so much easier for my family.  Luckily, ice cream actually has a reasonable omega 6/3 ratio, much better than almonds.  This weekend we are making our own from grass fed raw cream obtained from local milk cows.  The pasture is green in south Texas now, at least if it is not underwater from all the flooding this spring and summer!  Our homemade ice-cream’s omega 6/3 ratio comes in near an estimated 2:1 or less, right in the healthy range and loaded with yellow creaminess, indicating the richness of the fat soluble activators.  We don’t add that much sugar, mostly, and don’t eat too much.  Sugar is bad, we have not even mentioned it yet.  We take for granted, probably wrongly, that most people realize this.  We personally have practiced sugar and carbohydrate control for over 15 years.  It provided us reasonable success on paper metrics when we were younger, but really did not solve any of our problems, and our health and quality of life began to decline more rapidly as we passed our late 40’s.  In fact, the misguided over emphasis on fat and carbohydrates (macro-nutrients) merely delayed us from finding the truth and degraded our quality of life and diet, all while also giving us false sense of accomplishment, a growing list of age related ailments, and many medical bills.

Since we have developed the tenets we describe, our overall health has improved dramatically in nearly every measurable category, at least up to age-allowed limits.  The second year has really been even more amazing than the first, as gains have been consolidated and extended.  For me particularly, this means no more high blood-sugar, poor lipid panels, chronic sinusitis, bad gums, prostate issues, varied inflammatory disorders of the immune system, chronic aches and pains, tiredness, anxiety, insomnia or excessive irritability.   These are to name a few of the big ones.  My skin health is also better than it has ever been.  Generally, there are just too many improvements in my health to even describe in any short format.  People I have not seen for years continue to be amazed at the physical changes.  People, I have known and worked with for years are starting to ask me discretely, “how old are you again?”.  Same with my wife, who came a bit later to the tenets.  This is the power of micronutrients like magnesium, MK4, and omega 6/3 re-balancing and tissue content re-normalization.

I also now clearly understand why the common Low Carbohydrate and High Fat / High Fiber (LCHF) and ketogenic diets we practiced for so long, in so many different forms, could never do more than slow, or stabilize our disease on paper.  Stabilize, but never reverse the true course.  Why our symptoms eventually spread to inflammatory and auto-immune disease and weakened our immune system over time and made us start to feel like we were getting tired and old all the time with pinpricks all over our fingertips.  Why our body had lost its ability to regulate its own physiology and repair/restore itself effectively.   I feel that it is not only interesting that our blood pressure has returned to normal with no medication, and ironically only after we began eating more animal fat and less seed fiber than ever before for nearly 2 years (from pastured animals only), but that the particular way our BP has returned to normal is the most interesting and telling part of all.

As an example, when my blood pressure first flirted with normal some time ago, I was able to begin lowering the dosage of the blood pressure medication I took, a common generic ACE inhibitor called “lisinopril”.  This was the last medication that I still took.  I lowered the dosage along with my declining need, as measured by my wrist cuff.  First, I cut the dose to 3/4 of a tablet, then 1/2, then finally after nearly 18 months of the tenets, down to 1/4 tablet.  That last 1/4 tablet was the most interesting.  Each time my blood pressure would approach normal for a period of time, and I would attempt to quit taking the last 1/4 tablet (5 mg), some poor set of food choices, usually involving a series of restaurants and/or travel, would then send it rapidly and erratically jumping back up for a week or more, requiring me to begin taking the 1/4 tablet again each day until I flushed my system.  However, each time this happened, I again tightened my diet with renewed probiotics as well as going both seed and process food free, for a sufficient time to bring my BP back to normal.

During these successive gyrations and over time, I observed that my blood pressure would stay down longer and longer each time without use of medication.  Not only that, but my BP has become more and more resistant to occasional poor food choices as time continues to progress, as have all of my other biometric indicators.  The fact that I see an increasing tolerance in blood pressure response to known problematic foods as I have continued the protocol is a good indication of actual regulatory and tissue based healing taking place over time.  I have evidence that all of my observable micronutrient storage reserves are full.  We see similar qualitative behavior across a wide range of individuals whom also practice the tenets.  It is highly likely that our fat is now yellow, like that of a grass fed cow, and our tissues are made with a high proportion of omega 3 content with low existing or incoming omega 6.  These are evidently some primary secrets for maximizing quality of life, along with cutting sugary foods.

So what?

We want to share our success with others.  The purity, quality, and potency of Genesis BioHealth supplements are a large part of our protocols success, and why we are in business.  We could find no comparable sources on the commercial market and so we created our own.  Our products are designed to deliver results and nothing else.  If you enjoy reading our articles, we would like to gain your magnesium and MK4 business.

We see widespread evidence for those who begin using our products and following the six tenets, that many ailments in life are primarily food and lifestyle inflicted.  Our products and protocol help clients, whom are ready to make a change, to restore nutrient density and balance their diet to healthy levels.  This is why we named our products “Regenesis“, and have developed our dietary, and lifestyle based protocol around “The 6 Tenets of Behavioral Health”.

We initially developed our 6 tenet program in order to answer our question of whether or not hardening of the arteries, diabetes, osteopenia, high blood pressure, bad lipid metabolism, chronic sinusitis, tendinitis, and the beginnings of arthritis could be truly reversed.   Discovering the answer to our question was yes, then we used these concepts to rebuild our health and the quality of life for our family.  We have since watched the tenets go into more widespread practice across our client base and seen tremendous benefit.  From this perspective, the protocol has been more successful than we could ever have imagined.

People often think that they can adopt some parts of the protocol and not others.  While this may be partially true in some cases, it is the complex chemical interactions between all of the 6 tenets, acting together, that lead to re-activating dormant parts of the genome, to catalyze the emergence of the body’s true immune system and access to true health.  The following figure seeks to illustrate some of the complex inter-relationships and mutual support of the 6 tenets.  This shows why it is important to practice all 6 areas simultaneously.  The lines indicate positive feedback and mutual synergism.

Six Tenets PNG

We believe that our bodies are made to operate with amazing complexity, subtlety and balance.  We, as a species, have the ability to thrive over a wide set of environments.  In today’s world, most of these environments and their associated cultural diets no longer exist in their true forms.  This is because all these natural environments only produced foods derived from the actual food chain, not feed lots, factories, and process chemicals as is mainstream today.  In order to be healthy, we must try to live in harmony with the true order of nature, so that our bodies can unlock the bounty that is available within them.  What was once easy and happened naturally for all must now demand alternative lifestyles and devotion to the tenets.


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