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New Product Launched! – “Regenesis TS”

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Genesis BioHealth is proud to announce our newest product, Regenesis TS©.  TS stands for “Therapeutic Strength”.  This offering makes it economical for customers who wish to follow the Japanese protocol.  Using the same standard in purity and strength as our other Regenesis© products, the TS offering makes dosages over 4 mg/day of MK4 easily possible.

Check out Regenesis TS today!



Genesis BioHealth Reaches Milestone. First International Order is Shipped!

Dear All!

Genesis BioHealth is proud to announce its first international shipment to Australia!  Thanks to the Australians for their continued strong interest in our products, and holistic health in general.

Shipping for international orders is now available to most places.  If you are interested, please use manual contact.  Cost is 25$ for 3 bottles.  While still higher than typical US costs, this does put the product into a reasonable range for many whom are willing to order a 90 day supply.

contact us for more info at:




New Product! – Regenesis UL

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest product, Regenesis UL.  UL, stands for “Ultra Low”.  The new product contains the same great magnesium chelate blend as our other products, but also includes vitamin K2-MK4 at only 100 micrograms per capsule.

Such a dedicated low-dose MK4 capsule is unique in the marketplace.  It is intended for those that are either sensitive to MK4, or want to start using vitamin K2-MK4 in a very conservative way as the body acclimates.  Many users, especially those over age 65, find that starting with a low MK4 dosage and gradually raising it, allows them to very gently boost their calcium and natural anti-inflammatory metabolisms while minimizing side effects.  This level of control and convenience over MK4 dosage allows the user to easily, but steadily, move through any initial  transitory changes.  K2-MK4 initiation symptoms, such as insomnia, diarrhea, constipation, or temporary increases in joint aches and pains, often precede the beginning of the healing process for many chronic inflammatory conditions caused by low level fat soluble nutrient deprivation.

We hope this product will appeal to many, such as have contacted us, regarding their sensitivity issues with MK4.

Please take a look at “Regenesis UL“, from Genesis BioHealth!



We have just upgraded our website.  We have a new look and much new info, but the same reliable products.  In the K2 Overview/Science section, we will be releasing new content each week.  Check back to find out how K2-MK4 deficiency can affect your specific health conditions.

Once, these sections are complete, we will start the blog.  We hope you enjoy the content.  We seek to educate many on the benefits of vitamin K2-MK4, magnesium, a nutrient dense traditional diet, and identifying and eliminating foods containing cellular disrupters and anti-nutrients from the diet.


Genesis BioHealth.

New Product Added!

Due to popular request, we have now added the first product in our new “Regenesis Collection“.  In the coming weeks, check back.

We will also be adding the “Magnesium” and “Regenesis DA” products to this collection, also with no added calcium.  The Regenesis product is the flagship product in this collection, so it was added first.

The Regenesis product is actually the original prototype product.  Later in the development cycle, calcium was added to the formula in a near 1:1 ratio with magnesium.  In the body, Calcium and Magnesium need to be balanced near 1:1 for smooth and relaxed muscle control.

People taking higher levels of magnesium (over approximately 300 mg of elemental magnesium), should strongly consider also supplementing with calcium.

This is because it becomes progressively more difficult to obtain enough calcium from the diet to keep a 1:1 ratio as magnesium dosage is raised.

This is true even for those on calcium rich diets.  Vitamin K2-MK4 allows the body to properly metabolize calcium.

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