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Gut Repair, Magnesium & Vitamin K2

Gut Repair, Magnesium & Vitamin K2

The Basics: Gut Repair, Mg & K2

Magnesium and K2 can help to address gut absorption issues like leaky gut over time. Gastrointestinal (GI) or “gut” repair requires significant levels of magnesium and vitamin K2, which are deficient in many individuals.

Gut Repair, Technically Speaking:

Gut repair is a magnesium and vitamin K2 intensive process. Providing the body with enough magnesium and K2 can help improve cellular repair efficiency, in this case the enterocytes, the microvilli, and the structure of the GI lining itself. This all helps to facilitate efficient absorption. Along these same lines, the enterocytes that actually do the absorbing use a type of molecular “pump/channel/gating” system that is also magnesium dependent in terms of the chemical energy that drives them. Vitamin K2 also helps to generate more chemical energy in the mitochondria of these same cells.

Challenges Overcoming Gastrointestinal Issues


It is a strange paradox that people who are magnesium and vitamin K2 deficient are often challenged with absorption, even for magnesium itself. Due to this paradox, we always stress building slowly, even with our “gut friendly” formulas. We provide customers with step-by-step guidance for a gentle progression along with tools to tune into their body.

Fillers in Supplements

Another issue in many commercial supplements is that they contain fillers that irritate the GI tract and damage it over time, magnifying these problems. Since our products don’t have these fillers, they are more “gut friendly”.

Synergy, Balance & Formulation Matters

Pure Magnesium

Our proprietary formulas contain a targeted blend of magnesium that is a very potent, absorbable and still gentle on the gut. We compound these materials to better mimic mother nature’s diversity.  Our products are expertly and synergistically balanced both individually and between different products. Our goal is to provide biggest overall health impact for the lowest daily cost.

These formulas aid absorption and balance digestive impact. In addition to gut health, they offer the body a variety of important resources towards boosting cellular metabolism with a broad range of positive health impacts.  Learn more.

Supporting your Natural Health

Our Regenesis Protocol provides the magnesium, vitamin K2 (MK4 form), and essential minerals necessary for gut repair and many other biochemical cellular repair processes in the body. This protocol focuses on nutrients most difficult to obtain in today’s food supply that are also most critical to cellular repair for wide spread health impacts. Get a 7.5% discount and best results when ordered together. We’ll also send information to help you get started gently, learn to tune into your body, and adjust over time as your needs change.

We also offer a variety of lifestyle coaching services that allow individuals to implement a customized, flexible, and effective way to live and eat that unlocks the body’s ability to heal and regenerate to the fullest extent possible. Our clients have experienced large improvements in a wide variety of age-related degenerative health problems caused by various combinations of incomplete nutrition and food sensitivities that lead to metabolic dysfunction and/or chronic inflammation. Stay tuned for updates to our services page for upcoming group education events on the farm and virtual opportunities. 

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