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Workout Recovery & Vitamin K2 + Activators

Athletes & Vitamin K2

Train Harder

 Recover Faster

Improve Stamina

Enhance Endurance

Increase ATP & Energy Output

Support Healthy Joints & Mobility




Vitamin K2, Magnesium, and a few other fat-soluble nutrients are commonly deficient in even the “best” modern diets. Strenuous activity creates a greater demand for these nutrients. Supplementing with the best forms in a synergistic balance can profoundly impact our cellular biochemistry. This translates to quicker exercise recovery, plateau breakthrough, boosted energy through increased ATP production, enhanced endurance, improved stamina & vitality, and support for healthy joints and flexibility. For anyone training hard toward a fitness goal, supporting your body with foundational nutrition can profoundly impact both recovery and performance.


Today it is increasingly recognized that most people have at least one nutritional deficiency surrounding both magnesium and fat-soluble vitamins.  Perhaps the most important of these is the widespread deficiency of magnesium and vitamin K2 and a family of nutrients termed “Fat-Soluble Activators.” Ultimately a deficit of necessary fat-soluble activators leads to the inability of the body to produce enough Vitamin K Dependent Proteins (VKDP) to keep pace with the rate of performance and repair required from a heavy workout, age, or stress related damage. Deficiencies inhibit workout recovery and contribute to a wide variety of diseases and disorders that can all be linked to vitamin K2-MK4 and magnesium status. Fortunately, it is a fact that many of these ailments can be prevented and even partially reversed by proper supplementation and diet.  Both human and animal studies have clearly shown the benefit of K2, magnesium, and holistic nutrition to exercise performance and recovery (1-3).

The multi-nutrient RegenesisTM formulas and Regenesis Protocol from Genesis BioHealth allow users to quickly and effectively close these critical nutrient gaps and accelerate the body’s healing processes.  Our products work by helping the body to completely activate and express the built-in biochemistries coded in the DNA. Our products are outstanding in the market, expertly formulated without fillers for the greatest health impact through gentle synergistic blends. This allows the human body to more effectively generate its full spectrum of restorative and repair enzymes to support your health as it is meant to be.


Virtually all chemical processes in the body are accomplished in one way or another by using “enzymes” and other key metabolites.  Enzymes, hormones, and other metabolites are like tiny machines made of protein, transcribed from DNA, transported actively within the body, and regulated to perform specific tasks.  Like all manufactured machines, producing these biological chemicals requires specific and adequate supplies of resources and energy to be manufactured at a rate where supply can meet demand.  If the supply of enzymes over time does not meet demand, a person’s health degenerates directly.   This is an inescapable fact.  Strenuous physical activity directly increases this demand, often leading to deficiencies in those who are “healthy and eat well.”

For the body to manufacture enough K2-activated enzymes to repair and maintain all its internal systems effectively, it needs K2 (we use the MK4 form) to work in concert with magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients.  Only when the body has adequate stores of ALL of these fat-soluble nutrients, primary minerals, trace elements, essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids can a full complement of restorative metabolites be maintained and utilized.  As the body ages and/or the demand for these restorative materials increases through lifestyle factors such as exercise, the simultaneous scarcity of the micronutrients in the typical food supply leads to the early onset of many age-related “diseases.”  This is true both today and historically.


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To build our Regenesis Protocol, start with our Regenesis collection to select the Vitamin K2-MK4 product that is right for you. Then add Essential Minerals and Magnesium. As a small company, you’ll find great info on our website, but we are working on making it more user-friendly. If you need assistance with questions or ordering in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email us. We’ll also send additional resources with your order on how to get started and begin to tune in to your body with the Regenesis Protocol.