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How much magnesium do I need?

It’s estimated that over 80% of individuals are deficient in magnesium (Mg) which has a broad impact in the body (Benefits of Magnesium). The minimum RDA for magnesium is 400mg/day. Reaching this amount between food and supplements is a starting point for an average size adult.  Unfortunately, it is not just people that are deficient in Mg.  Commercially raised plants and animals also have widespread Mg deficiency so this makes it very difficult to consistently get enough from food alone, even for those that focus on a healthy diet.   This situation makes supplementation a good way to ensure we get enough of this most precious mineral to fuel our bodies. 

While 400 mg of Mg is considered a good initial target, most people find they benefit from significantly higher amounts, often up to 800mg/day.  Regardless of your specific target, personal demand will vary daily. Body size and lifestyle factors also affect magnesium demand.  Here are a few tools to help you dial into your magnesium need:

  • Individuals with higher body mass will need more. You can estimate your difference and dial-up proportionately. Or, you can dial down for smaller individuals or kids.
  • Daily demand increases during times of high stress, activity, disease, or sickness.
  • People with osteoporosis and long-term deficiency need more.

Magnesium Needs Guide:

↑↑↑ Signs you need more magnesium: 

  • Restlessness, cramps, abnormally excitable, irritable, abrupt, hyperactive, twitchy, anxious, racing heart

↓↓↓ Signs to decrease magnesium:

  • Severe diarrhea – cut the dosage 
  • Constipation – stop taking until the inflammation subsides. Reintroduce one capsule at a time to manage symptoms

Building Magnesium Intake Slowly:

People who are magnesium deficient are, unfortunately, often challenged with absorption. Thus, we always stress building slowly, even with our “gut-friendly” formulas. Much like starting a new workout regimen, we often need to push through mild symptoms to acclimate our body to the new steady supply of magnesium.

If you ever have questions, please reach out to us at We’re always happy to also send you our step-by-step guide for a gentle progression.

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Stress & Magnesium

Chronic stress has become so prevalent that it almost seems normal, especially in the last couple of years. Stress comes in a variety of forms such as mental, chemical, and physical stress (yes, heavy exercise!). By now most are aware that  long term stress has serious health implications. So, what can we do? While we can’t control the outside world, we can help our bodies manage stress.

Magnesium has been called the ‘master’ mineral, critical to thousands of biochemical processes that affect the brain, stress response and many other systems in the body including blood sugar regulation, inflammation, blood pressure, sleep, detoxification, relaxation, bone health, energy & heart health. It also activates other important minerals such as vitamin D and K2 to optimize their broad impacts on the body. Read more: Benefits of Magnesium.

Magnesium Deficiency Cycle

Unfortunately, magnesium deficiency is common with today’s food supply and is correlated with stress and anxiety. Those who are deficient tend to feel more anxious and stressed. Compounding the deficiency, when we become stressed or anxious, the body uses up more magnesium. At the same time, we also use up more vitamin C that our adrenal glands need to cope with the stress hormone cortisol. It’s a losing cycle.

High Quality, Gentle Magnesium

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Other Natural Stress Management Tips

  • Reduce chemical stress by removing toxic products from your home and body care routine.
  • Eat a clean, nutrient dense diet. 
  • Get movement daily, especially outdoors.
  • Start a gratitude journal or count your blessings.
  • Prioritize sleep.
  • Practice deep breathing.