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About Us

Genesis BioHealth is founded, owned, and operated by Dr. Collin Cross and his wife Diana Cross.   Dr. Cross is a Chemical Physicist with a specialization in molecular biology.  For years he worked in the field of rational drug design developing chemotherapeutic agents and has practiced Chemistry professionally for over 30 years.  Diana is a General Manager for a staffing company and specializes in Human Resources, Management, and Business Administration.

Our business model at Genesis BioHealth is to help others improve their health by using proper lifestyle and dietary changes.  We help clients achieve health goals by providing a range of products and services including specialized nutritional supplements, a structured dietary plan, and nutritional coaching.  Whether the client’s goal is to battle metabolic disorders, auto-immune diseases, become a better athlete, or simply regain energy and vitality, our products, diet plan, and coaching help people who want to change their lifestyle become healthier.

In addition to providing supplements, we provide practical strategies and tactics, suggest food and shopping substitutes, teach hi-efficiency nutrient dense cooking, and suggest both products and recipes.  We also help clients navigate the maze of confusing and contradictory information prevalent in advertising and on the internet.   Using the tools and techniques we offer, clients rapidly learn how to make the transition to a satisfying, enjoyable, and nutritionally effective diet without costly trial and error.  While our excellent supplements stand by themselves, our nutritional coaching services are targeted towards clients willing to invest in changing their lifestyle and serious about improving health naturally.  Our methods help people obtain the full benefits of a well-regulated metabolism.

Please contact us with any questions or interest.  We would like to help support your plan to rebuild energy, health, and quality of life.  Learn more about the Cross’s journey here.