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Breast Cancer & Diet

We’re excited to share an encouraging study on the relationship between diet and breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We talk with many people interested in natural ways to support the body’s ability to both prevent and fight against cancer. This study is a stepping stone toward building resources and education that meet the needs and interests of these natural-minded folks. With one in eight U.S. women expected to develop breast cancer in her lifetime, it is likely that you know someone that may benefit.

Breast Cancer & DietBreast Cancer & Diet

The largest meta-analysis to date recently examined the relationship between dietary change and mortality following the diagnosis of invasive breast cancer. It was conducted to measure any effect of diet with the goal of shaping guidelines, although it does not itself support clear and specific dietary guidelines.


The results of the study indicate that an increase in dietary quality following diagnosis could reduce the risk of breast cancer mortality by 15% and all-cause mortality by 21%. The study also suggests that risk reduction may be larger for certain groups. While it is just the beginning of research on dietary choices and cancer, it is certainly encouraging news!

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

THIS… This is why we are passionate about the power of nutrition and offer our Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. We have experienced this power ourselves and witnessed it in the lives of our clients with respect to cancer specifically, but also many other forms of ailment. We want to share the power of nutrition with you and help you live your best life naturally!

Are you looking to improve your health through diet but don’t know where to start? Are you confused by the often contradictory maze of information available online?  We offer two options to support you.

  • Hourly Consulting (in-person and/or virtual) is a great choice if you’re looking for guidance and prefer to control the flow of information at your own pace over time.
  • Our Weekend Health Retreat is recommended if you’re ready to commit to significant lifestyle change, want more guidance in the process, would enjoy an immersive more hands-on experience at our beautiful bed-and-breakfast ranch, and/or are seeking a more rapid catalyst for health turnaround.  During these sessions, we are able to directly share many of the tips and tricks to make the transition fun and easy.  It’s a one-of-a-kind way to unwind, reset, and restore. Bringing a friend or family member who will support your journey is a fantastic way to spend the weekend and set a firm foundation.

What You Can Do About Cancer

The odds are that your life has been affected by cancer, whether you’ve fought it yourself or someone you love has fought the battle. Many feel that the prospect of getting cancer is like pulling the lever of a bad slot machine. However, there are many lifestyle choices and nutritional strategies we can make that strongly support our body’s innate cancer-fighting systems. So what can you do about cancer?

Learn More about Cancer & Nutrition

Interested in learning the basics about cancer, the immune system, and what we can do to influence our body’s cancer response systems? Click to learn more.

Want to learn about vitamin K2-MK4’s anti-cancer activity?  Click to read Dr. Cross’s article that dives deep into science, research, and biochemistry.

Share with OthersBreast Cancer One in Eight Women

Do you know someone who may be interested in this information? Please share! We know this information changes lives but we need your help in spreading the word. Will you help us?

Dr. Cross has an extensive background as a Chemical Physicist, working for years in the field of rational drug design and developing chemotherapeutic agents. He did extensive research on how to improve his family’s health on a biochemical level. He has poured a tremendous amount of heart and soul into offering uncompromisingly top-quality products at affordable prices and makes his education and personal experience available to others looking to also turn their health around. However, getting the word out as a small business in a complex world clamoring for our attention is challenging.

Making this education available to others may be pivotal for someone else’s health. Your support in sharing is so appreciated!


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