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Vitamin K2 Helps Fight Cancer

How does vitamin K2 help the body fight cancer?

Vitamin K2 & cancerProvided with what it needs, our body is largely able to defend, repair, and maintain itself according to its blueprint coded in DNA. As part of this process, the body’s defense and repair systems can detect, correct, and prevent genetic damage that sometimes results in cancer. Additionally, these cellular maintenance systems can actively target and kill cancer cells that have already developed. When confronted with cancer or a virus, a set of sophisticated defenses attempts to target these threats, neutralize them, and then set about repairing any damage that was inflicted.

There are too many biochemical response mechanisms protecting our bodies to name here but they all have some things in common. For example, they often target damage at a cellular and microscopic level. These maintenance processes of the body are largely dependent on and/or can be limited by the available supply of K2-MK4magnesium, and vitamins A and D as well as many other nutrients and trace minerals. In one of these studied mechanisms, vitamin K2-MK4 can directly kill cancer on contact by inflicting damage onto the cell wall.   In a second mechanism, K2-MK4 can help the cellular defense system remove cancer cells, by facilitating a signal cascade wherein the cancer cells are instructed to commit suicide and die in a process called “Apoptosis”, also known as programmed call death.  In yet another even more fascinating and poorly understood mechanism, the K2-mk4 can help cancer cells undergo a process called reverse differentiation where they reverse their stray growth pathway and turn back to normal stem cells. These mechanisms are how tumors can sometimes be observed to shrink and possibly go away in some affected users.

As amazing as it seems, cells coordinate in tremendously massive and specific ways to protect and maintain the genetic template of the body across all its tissues and cell types. Making sure the body has ample stores of all the fat-soluble micronutrients and minerals it needs, especially vitamin K2-MK4 and magnesium, can help ensure the most effective and broad defensive response possible. This includes effectively correcting ongoing mutation and genetic damage related to cancer and also by actively targeting and working to destroy it.


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Vitamin K2 & Cancer References:

Here are just a few of the many available studies on vitamin K2 and cancer:

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