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Today, Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.  Nearly all of us are touched by this dreaded disease at some point in our lives.  Many may feel that the prospect of getting cancer is like pulling the lever of some bad slot machine.   Communicable or noncommunicable disease of any sort is something we all hope to avoid.  As unpleasant as the thought is however, we go about our lives knowing we are likely to succumb to a variety of illnesses.

When our body is seeking to suppress the growth of cancer, fight a virus, or stem off an infection, it is very much like a war.   Complex signaling and communication mechanisms at the cellular/molecular level are at the heart of the immune response.  Vitamin K2-MK4 is a critical component that is required for both the activation and regulation of much of the cellular machinery responsible for initiating and executing our immune response capabilities.

Taking vitamins K2-MK4, A, D and magnesium together can ensure that both our immune system and its response are sensitive, strong, and well coordinated.   Our immune response can be improved at the cellular level because the nutrients we describe enable more effective production, deployment, detection, interception, protection, repair and cleanup functions.  This is largely possible due to the dependent cellular machinery becoming better able to communicate and mount a stronger and more coordinated immune response.

For decades, studies of people from rare and isolated cultures eating only real traditional foods are consistent and conclusive.  Cultures eating diets both rich in the fat soluble activators, and low in modern process chemicals, show extremely low incidence of cancer, or other forms of disease or illness.  While the diets of these isolated cultures is almost always narrow and enforced by the local environment, they all share high levels of intake potential for the fat soluble nutrients.  Up to 10 times the amount typically provided by a normal western diet is common.  The normal western diet being defined as one largely consisting of purchased foods obtained from the industrial modern food supply.

Most people realize that eating healthy, exercising, and not smoking or drinking can help lower the chances of getting cancer or other maladies.  Unfortunately, those whom have a close encounter with cancer often realize the disease cuts across all age boundaries and health demographics.  The ability to suppress cancer, or correct other detected dysfunction, is only one part of the body’s elaborate restorative and repair system.  A system widely called the “immune system”.  From forming a callus on a hand which often uses a tool, to developing antibodies targeting specific pathogens, our body is well able to defend itself, repair itself, maintain itself, and to detect, correct, and prevent genetic damage that can sometimes result in cancer.

When the body is initially confronted with the prospect of cancer growth, or the attack of a particular virus or germ, it has a host of defensive mechanisms that are used to deal with these different types of threats.  In addition to these particular defense mechanisms, the body also has many other lesser known, less frequently considered but still critical, repair and restorative functions.  Some of these are specifically targeted at identifying and correcting genetic damage during DNA replication.  The biochemical response mechanisms which operate for the protection of the human body are too numerous to count.  However there are some things they have in common.  For one, they are often targeted at damage and threats occurring at the cellular and microscopic level, such as inflammation.  For a second, the mechanisms are largely dependent on and/or limited by the available supply of K2-MK4 and magnesium, with A and D.

The elaborate web of coordinated and coherent chemical reactions and mechanisms which protect our body have specific ways of:

  • preventing
  • defending
  • repairing
  • maintaining
  • adapting
  • and even attacking

what the body perceives as its enemies, or that which threatens it more generally.   As amazing as it seems, the collection of cells that is our body, or our “self”, has to coordinate in tremendously massive and specific ways to protect and maintain the genetic template of the body across all its tissues and cell types as we go through life.  Making sure that the body has ample stores of all the fat soluble micro-nutrients, especially vitamin K2-MK4 and the mineral magnesium, can help ensure the most effective immune response possible, including the effective correction of ongoing mutation and genetic damage.

Genesis BioHealth’s product line is targeted to help you recover from the ravages of long term fat soluble nutrient deprivation, which is now recognized to be common and present in more than 80% of the western population.  We hope you choose to allow us to help you reach your health goals.

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