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  • We offer a unique product line targeted at nutrients needed for the synthesis and activation of Vitamin K Dependent Protein(s) (VKDP).  These nutrients are:

    Vitamin K2-MK4

    Vitamin A

    Vitamin D3



    We use a proprietary blend of magnesium and calcium chelate salts of the highest quality, instead of a typical filler, to deliver fat soluble nutrients.  In this way, the entire volume of the capsule is devoted to active ingredients, while none is wasted with fillers, processing aids, or other excipients.  Our product line offers a range of products that can be used together to tailor a dosage regimen with great flexibility.  Primarily the ratio of “RegenesisTM” capsules to “Magnesium” capsules can be varied to titrate or control the intake of K2 relative to Mg.

    The Magnesium and Magnesium+ products are each a base mixture for their own product lines.  These blends are then used as fillers for the RegenesisTM and Regenesis+TM products respectively, which contain Vitamin K2-MK4.  Then finally, we have Regenesis DATM and Regenesis+ DATM which offer the complete mixture of vitamins K2, A, D and magnesium.  The “+” version products also contain calcium in a nearly 1:1 ratio with magnesium.  We consider this blend to deliver an optimal net intake of calcium and magnesium, as calcium is much more prevalent in the modern diet than magnesium.

    By mixing and matching products there are many combinations of nutrient dosage ratios a customer can use.  Each formulation has a different capsule color, making it easy for the consumer to identify the various products, even when they are mixed into the same bottle for travel.  This makes it easy to check how many of each product is being consumed.  The most common combination of products sold is Magnesium+ and Regenesis+ DATM.   As an example, by consuming 4 capsules of Regenesis+ DATM and 4 capsules of Magnesium+, the user will intake approximately 2 mg of K2-MK4 and 450 mg of elemental magnesium.  While we have not shown the values for the other nutrients, Ca, vitamins D3 & A, they can likewise be tabulated for the example.

    Another important example is one of titrating up the dose of K2-MK4, while maintaining steady magnesium targets.  It is common for a nutrient deficient person who has never taken K2-MK4 and magnesium together in the proper ratio to experience some harmless but significant side effects in the first few weeks.  This is because the body is now able to open up previously de-prioritized and nutrient constrained repair projects in the body that depend on K2 and proper calcium metabolism.   As the body’s calcium and K2 chemistry start to work normally, perhaps for the first time in years, many changes are initiated in the body.  In these cases it is advisable, especially for elderly consumers, to titrate the dose of K2-MK4 up from an initially low dosage to a higher dosage gradually over a time period.  This is advised so as to minimize some of the potential negative side effects sometimes experienced by these persons.  Normal side effects reported by many include temporary increases in localized aches and pains, feelings of anxiety or euphoria, headaches, diarrhea, sleep pattern disruption, excessive energy and productivity etc.

    The symptoms associated with K2-MK4 and magnesium acclimation are normal.  They serve as an indication that the body is beginning to mobilize its calcium metabolism.  This, in turn, begins increasing remodeling rates of both the cardiovascular system and skeleton to normal levels and also begins to decalcify the joints, soft tissues and organs.  In fact, these symptoms are an indication of a body existing in a long term energy and nutrient constrained condition and now beginning to operate normally and repairing the body from the ravages of the deficiencies.  These transitory changes can be considered an indication of good things to come.  In many cases, the user must pass through a few weeks of these symptoms while the fat soluble nutrient gaps are closed, the tissues are re-saturated, and the body’s reserves start to accumulate.  As these temporary conditions gradually fade into the past over a period of time, and the body begins to regenerate and operate closer to peak capacity, many user come to realize that they had lived their whole lives in a nutrient deprived state.

    We recommend a person who has not previously had experience with K2-MK4, in proper combination with the other activators, to start their regimen at 0.5 mg/day of K2-MK4.  This amount is contained by a single capsule of any of our RegenesisTM branded products.  From there one should seek to work up into the range of 2-3 mg spread out over the day.  This would then consist of either 4 or 6 capsules of RegenesisTM, respectively.  The desired magnesium balanced dosage of K2-MK4 can be established incrementally over a 2-4 week timeframe.  Even though early trials were performed with much higher levels of K2, dosages of K2-MK4 above 3 mg are not necessary for therapeutic benefit as long as appropriate levels of magnesium and vitamins D3 and A are present.   At first, the body’s storage reserves of these nutrients may be depleted.  This can cause irregularity in perceived symptoms as the body begins to make use of the new resources and adapt to higher levels of available nutrients.  Eventually, the reserves begin to grow large enough so as to allow the body to manage day-to-day changes in demand with stable flows of nutrients drawn from ample reserves.

    Because of the critical dependency of K2 chemistry on magnesium, we strongly advise customers to consistently maintain an elemental magnesium intake at 350-400 mg.   By using a two product approach and changing capsule ratios over time, this regimen can be achieved with Genesis BioHealth products.  For instance, a customer who has previously been taking another brand of magnesium and calcium, but never having taken K2 before, might chose to take both Regenesis+TM and Magnesium+.  In such a hypothetical regimen, the customer would begin by taking 1 capsule of Regenesis+TM and 7 capsules of Magnesium+, delivering 0.5 mg of K2-MK4.  Then over a period of a few weeks, the customer could increase the dosage to 2 mg, as 4 capsules of Regenesis+TM and 4 capsules of Magnesium+.  Finally, if the customer subsequently decided to increase the K2-MK4 dosage to 3 mg/day, they could take 6 Regenesis+TM capsules and 2 Magnesium+ capsules.  This example shows how use of the two products allows the customer to gradually titrate dosage of K2-MK4 into the therapeutically effective dosage range, while keeping magnesium levels steady over time.  Such an approach gives the customer a very flexible and customizable way to slowly increase the dosage of K2-MK4 over time.  This allows the body to adapt to an individually suitable dosage range in an ideal way.  For people whom have never taken magnesium on the other hand, it may be necessary to also titrate up magnesium levels.  We always recommend to maintain at least a 1:1 ratio of Magnesium products to RegenesisTM products.  This helps to ensure an ample supply of magnesium to support the desired K2 dosage.

    We find that a 2-3 mg daily dose of K2, in balanced combination with the other nutrients in our formula, is able to initiate a wide range of very significant healing processes in many people in a reproducible way.  Generally over a 2-8 month period many positive changes can be observed and experienced by a person who has been nutrient limited for a long period.  Because the changes initiated by K2-MK4 chemistry significantly increase the body’s demand for magnesium, it is very important to keep high levels of magnesium available.  Cases of K2 driven magnesium deficiencies have been reported by those failing to consume enough magnesium relative to K2.  We therefore stress again the importance of this situation.

    Our proprietary blend, being comprised of only fully reacted chelate species, and targeting maximum bioavailability, delivers roughly 10% elemental magnesium by weight.  Obtaining 400 mg of elemental magnesium then requires about 4 grams of our blend.  The volumetric requirements of high quality magnesium chelates therefore oblige the consumption of relative large volumes of product.   We consider that our capsule size is an optimal balance of volume, flexibility, and ease of swallowing.  Our products are presented in standard size “0” gelatin capsules, which hold approximately 650 mg of powder apiece in a compact, easy to swallow package less than 2 cm long and 0.8 cm wide (18.4 mm x 7.3 mm). This size makes it very convenient to mix and match capsules of different product types throughout the day to customize your regimen.  We find it best to take a higher balance of the K2 containing RegenesisTM products in the morning and the Magnesium+ products in the evening and before bed, helping to establish a good sleeping pattern.

    The primary benefits of our product line are simplicity, purity and flexibility.  We know of no other products, in a capsule form, that allow the user to custom tailor a dosage plan of vitamin K2 from 500 mcg/day to 5 mg/day while keeping a consistent magnesium dosage.

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  • Due to a tragic chain of events, the amazing impact of the vitamin K2 series was initially misunderstood, and lay undiscovered for over 70 years.  Recently, the dots have begun to connect and people are coming to understand the power of providing the body with the critical fat soluble nutrients.  The history of vitamin K2 discovery is a significant one and told elsewhere.   More recently, key discoveries made since the completion of the human genome project, along with several important re-evaluations in the world of nutrition, have brought to light evidence of how the restoration of a healthy metabolism can be facilitated by provision of adequate levels of fat soluble vitamins A, D3 and K2 taken together with magnesium.  The research is fascinating.  Learn more in our “K2 Overview/Science” Section, follow our Blog, and connect with us on our Facebook page to keep in contact with key discoveries surrounding the amazing dietary revolution that is currently occurring.

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  • In the human body there is arguably no single more important nutrient than magnesium.  It is vital to over 350 different biochemical pathways critical to life and health.  In part, magnesium is a cofactor and catalyst for the creation, activation and maintenance of a variety of recently discovered enzymes, called “Vitamin K Dependent Protein(s)” or “VKDP” for short.  These VKDP have been shown to be critically involved with the maintenance, repair, energy creation, signaling and communication at the cellular level.

    Along with magnesium, vitamins D3, A and K2-MK4 have also been shown to be signaling agents, regulators, raw materials, and activators for the successful construction and utilization of the VKDP.  This means that in order for these critical restorative enzymes to be constructed and used by the body, all these specific nutrients are required to work together to achieve a set of common goals.  Most people are at least partially deficient in one or more of these nutrients, preventing the body from synthesizing a full complement of VKDP.  This, in turn, allows age related illness to manifest more rapidly than necessary in a variety of ways.  This is because vital functions are nutrient limited and therefore not able to keep pace with demand.  Keeping adequate stores of fat soluble vitamins D3, A and K2 in our bodies with magnesium can help ensure that we are able to fuel and regulate the full spectrum of our body’s natural repair and maintenance processes at all times with ample reserves.  When the body’s fat soluble metabolism starts to operate at full capability, it can begin to repair the body at peak capacity, which in-turn, causes a large magnesium demand.  This is the reason why high quality absorbable magnesium is the foundation of our product line.

    Our products make it easy for the user to create a high quality and customized dosage regimen for each nutrient independent of the others.  This system supports customers who want to get as much nutrition as possible from natural sources, but need the support of a flexible supplement regime to provide critical fat soluble micro-nutrients which can be tailored to meet individual needs on a day-to-day basis.

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  • At Genesis BioHealth, we endeavor to provide the purest supplement experience possible.  We use no fillers or excipients of any kind, excepting our DA line, where we pass on about 0.1% coming from the D3 and A components only.  This means our least pure product is 99.9% of the active ingredients of our formulae.  We use only top quality fully reacted mineral chelates and vitamins that pass our rigorous QC qualification via independent testing.  We have a dedicated cGMP manufacturing facility and all our processes meet or exceed required specifications.  With our products, you can trust that each bottle will provide the purity and efficacy that only top quality raw materials and manufacturing processes can provide, and nothing else.

    We originally created each of our products for our own usage, and that of our family.  Our goal, both then and now, was to deliver a line of products that maximizes health impact by offering a wide range of the most essential nutrients missing from a standard diet, and by requiring as few compact capsules as possible.  The individual products in our multi-capsule system are designed to work together over time, allowing the user to mix and match the various capsules.  This method allows the delivery of a wide range of nutrients in a customized way whose dosages can be evolved and optimized over time.  Finally, we wanted our capsules to cause no detrimental side effects in the GI tract or otherwise.  This was so our bodies would only see nutrients that nature intended and that each ingredient would be delivered at therapeutic dosages. 

    We hope you will decide to try our products.  We know that if you do, you won’t be disappointed.