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Vitamin K2 Helps Fight Cancer

How does vitamin K2 help the body fight cancer?

Vitamin K2 & cancerProvided with what it needs, our body is largely able to defend, repair, and maintain itself according to its blueprint coded in DNA. As part of this process, the body’s defense and repair systems can detect, correct, and prevent genetic damage that sometimes results in cancer. Additionally, these cellular maintenance systems can actively target and kill cancer cells that have already developed. When confronted with cancer or a virus, a set of sophisticated defenses attempts to target these threats, neutralize them, and then set about repairing any damage that was inflicted.

There are too many biochemical response mechanisms protecting our bodies to name here but they all have some things in common. For example, they often target damage at a cellular and microscopic level. These maintenance processes of the body are largely dependent on and/or can be limited by the available supply of K2-MK4magnesium, and vitamins A and D as well as many other nutrients and trace minerals. In one of these studied mechanisms, vitamin K2-MK4 can directly kill cancer on contact by inflicting damage onto the cell wall.   In a second mechanism, K2-MK4 can help the cellular defense system remove cancer cells, by facilitating a signal cascade wherein the cancer cells are instructed to commit suicide and die in a process called “Apoptosis”, also known as programmed call death.  In yet another even more fascinating and poorly understood mechanism, the K2-mk4 can help cancer cells undergo a process called reverse differentiation where they reverse their stray growth pathway and turn back to normal stem cells. These mechanisms are how tumors can sometimes be observed to shrink and possibly go away in some affected users.

As amazing as it seems, cells coordinate in tremendously massive and specific ways to protect and maintain the genetic template of the body across all its tissues and cell types. Making sure the body has ample stores of all the fat-soluble micronutrients and minerals it needs, especially vitamin K2-MK4 and magnesium, can help ensure the most effective and broad defensive response possible. This includes effectively correcting ongoing mutation and genetic damage related to cancer and also by actively targeting and working to destroy it.


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Shop Our Premium Vitamin K2 Supplements

Shop our vitamin K2-MK4 Regenesis Products. Learn about our Regenesis Protocol which also includes high-quality magnesium and other essential minerals for optimal activation of vitamin K2 and many biochemical processes in the body.

Vitamin K2 & Cancer References:

Here are just a few of the many available studies on vitamin K2 and cancer:

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Magnesium and Vitamin D Activation

Taking vitaminsWhy You Should take Magnesium with Vitamin D

Did you know that magnesium is critical for effective vitamin D utilization? If you want to receive the most benefit from vitamin D, it’s important to consume at least the minimum recommended daily amount of magnesium (400mg/day).  Unfortunately, as awareness of the impact of vitamin D and supplementation increases, studies estimate that up to 60-85% of Americans are magnesium deficient.  Additionally, most users find that their bodies can continue to benefit from supplementing with amounts greater than the standard RDA, which is the benchmark used as a measure of overall deficiency.

Full activation of individual nutrients often depends on a sufficient supply of other nutrients.  An interesting article in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association highlights the synergistic coordination of vitamin D and magnesium.  Enzymes that metabolize vitamin D require magnesium, which acts as a cofactor in the enzymatic reactions.  Necessary for numerous organ functions and physiological pathways, deficiency in either nutrient is associated with disorders such as cardiovascular disease, skeletal deformities, metabolic syndrome, and many more.

Getting as much vitamin D as you can through sunlight and a nutrient-rich diet is ideal. However, many people struggle to get enough without supplementation, especially in northern climates.  Because vitamin D3 supplements are powerful hormones and can perturb parathyroid function thus causing various calcium metabolism issues, we recommend only supplementing as much as necessary while maximizing effectiveness with sufficient magnesium intake.  This strategy also makes the best economic use of your health investment!

Looking for a Quality Magnesium Supplement?

Look no further. Already taking magnesium? We dare you to compare. We are confident you will feel the difference.

Supplementing with magnesium is one of the best things a person can do to help improve and maintain their holistic health. A cofactor in thousands of biochemical reactions, its impact is vast. Our premium magnesium supplements are pure & expertly formulated with four balanced magnesium complexes for a broad, gentle impact. Here are some of the benefits of each individual complex included in our magnesium.

More Nutritional Cofactors for Foundational Health

Genesis BioHealth was built around foundational nutrition to fire up biochemistry on a cellular level. We focus on nutrients most difficult to obtain from food that synergistically have a very broad impact on the body. Each product is expertly formulated to be effective and highly absorbable with maximum impact. Taking them together in the Regenesis Protocol unleashes a full army of cofactors for optimized health that support your body’s repair processes. It includes important nutrients such as Vitamin K2 (MK4 form), D, A, C, Magnesium, and other essential minerals. We have had the pleasure of seeing many diseases and symptoms slow, pause, and reverse in our customers and our own lives.

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Reversing Disease & Slowing Aging Processes

Let’s face it, aging can really take it’s toll. It can be overwhelming, unpredictable, and downright scary!

Degenerative Disease and the Biochemistry of Aging

Most of us assume that we’ll eventually succumb to one of many age-related conditions now considered normal like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, or dementia. However, these conditions are not necessarily “normal”. Their rates have been increasing dramatically in recent decades due to changes in the environment, food supply, and general culture. Many of these ailments can be prevented and even partially reversed with proper supplementation and diet.

Virtually all chemical processes in the body are accomplished by the use of enzymes, hormones, or other biochemical species. These biologically active metabolites are like small machines that are created in the body and regulated to perform specific tasks. Producing sufficient numbers of these biological machines and the chemical energy that fuels them requires specific and adequate supplies of nutrients. If the supply of these species does not meet demand, an individual’s health degenerates as a direct consequence. As we age, the demand for these restorative biochemical resources increases.

Reversing Disease and Slowing the Aging Process

With the proper balance of key nutrients, the body maintains and utilizes a full army of restorative processes. However, diminishing micronutrients in our food supply and widespread deficiencies in these nutrients leads to the early onset of many age-related “diseases”.

Vitamin K2-MK4 plays a very large role in many processes used for repair and restoration in the body on a cellular level. In order to manufacture enough K2-activated resources to effectively repair and maintain all its internal systems, the body needs to work in concert with magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and other essential minerals. Adequate stores of ALL of these nutrients are key to supporting the body’s ability to both prevent and reverse disease, thereby slowing the aging process.

Targeted Solutions for Broad Anti-Aging Benefits

Our Regenesis Protocol is designed to provide targeted micronutrients in symphony to fuel the production of the biochemical resources that make up the “repair crews” of specialized cells and enzymes that we need in greater demand as we age. Our supplement line is focused on nutrients most difficult to obtain from food, in which a majority of people are deficient, and is adaptable to each individual as they evolve over time.

Because our supplements and dietary methods help to fire up repair processes on a cellular level, the benefits of our Regenesis Protocol can be quite broad and impressive. Once the body has the tools it needs for repair, it decides which projects to work on. Customers frequently observe the slowing or reversal of a variety of more noticeable problems first, then other more subtle ones as time goes on. Tracking symptoms before starting and over time can be helpful in gauging results.

The Truth about Aging & Degenerative Disease

We’ve all heard, “If it sounds too good to be true….”. We understand the sentiment and often watch this reaction play across folks’ faces. However, the truth is that the body is a healing machine and can do amazing things when it has sufficient and balanced micronutrients through diet and supplementation. This is echoed both in clinical research and customer’s stories.

Our bodies are self-healing organisms and health turnarounds are possible. 

Our personal story is one of several major health reversals. Genesis Biohealth was born when people took note of our health improvements and wanted the same for themselves. Read our story. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to share the gift of health with others and have witnessed amazing health improvements in the lives of our clients as well.

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Breast Cancer & Diet

We’re excited to share an encouraging study on the relationship between diet and breast cancer during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We talk with many people interested in natural ways to support the body’s ability to both prevent and fight against cancer. This study is a stepping stone toward building resources and education that meet the needs and interests of these natural-minded folks. With one in eight U.S. women expected to develop breast cancer in her lifetime, it is likely that you know someone that may benefit.

Breast Cancer & DietBreast Cancer & Diet

The largest meta-analysis to date recently examined the relationship between dietary change and mortality following the diagnosis of invasive breast cancer. It was conducted to measure any effect of diet with the goal of shaping guidelines, although it does not itself support clear and specific dietary guidelines.


The results of the study indicate that an increase in dietary quality following diagnosis could reduce the risk of breast cancer mortality by 15% and all-cause mortality by 21%. The study also suggests that risk reduction may be larger for certain groups. While it is just the beginning of research on dietary choices and cancer, it is certainly encouraging news!

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

THIS… This is why we are passionate about the power of nutrition and offer our Healthy Lifestyle Coaching. We have experienced this power ourselves and witnessed it in the lives of our clients with respect to cancer specifically, but also many other forms of ailment. We want to share the power of nutrition with you and help you live your best life naturally!

Are you looking to improve your health through diet but don’t know where to start? Are you confused by the often contradictory maze of information available online?  We offer two options to support you.

  • Hourly Consulting (in-person and/or virtual) is a great choice if you’re looking for guidance and prefer to control the flow of information at your own pace over time.
  • Our Weekend Health Retreat is recommended if you’re ready to commit to significant lifestyle change, want more guidance in the process, would enjoy an immersive more hands-on experience at our beautiful bed-and-breakfast ranch, and/or are seeking a more rapid catalyst for health turnaround.  During these sessions, we are able to directly share many of the tips and tricks to make the transition fun and easy.  It’s a one-of-a-kind way to unwind, reset, and restore. Bringing a friend or family member who will support your journey is a fantastic way to spend the weekend and set a firm foundation.

What You Can Do About Cancer

The odds are that your life has been affected by cancer, whether you’ve fought it yourself or someone you love has fought the battle. Many feel that the prospect of getting cancer is like pulling the lever of a bad slot machine. However, there are many lifestyle choices and nutritional strategies we can make that strongly support our body’s innate cancer-fighting systems. So what can you do about cancer?

Learn More about Cancer & Nutrition

Interested in learning the basics about cancer, the immune system, and what we can do to influence our body’s cancer response systems? Click to learn more.

Want to learn about vitamin K2-MK4’s anti-cancer activity?  Click to read Dr. Cross’s article that dives deep into science, research, and biochemistry.

Share with OthersBreast Cancer One in Eight Women

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Dr. Cross has an extensive background as a Chemical Physicist, working for years in the field of rational drug design and developing chemotherapeutic agents. He did extensive research on how to improve his family’s health on a biochemical level. He has poured a tremendous amount of heart and soul into offering uncompromisingly top-quality products at affordable prices and makes his education and personal experience available to others looking to also turn their health around. However, getting the word out as a small business in a complex world clamoring for our attention is challenging.

Making this education available to others may be pivotal for someone else’s health. Your support in sharing is so appreciated!


Lee E, Kady V, Han E, Montan K, Normuminova M, Rovito MJ. Healthy Eating and Mortality among Breast Cancer Survivors: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Cohort Studies. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022 Jun 21;19(13):7579. doi: 10.3390/ijerph19137579. PMID: 35805233; PMCID: PMC9266181.

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Migraines & Magnesium

Do you suffer from migraines? Anyone who does certainly knows how rough they can be!

We personally have also lived with migraines, but are grateful to have left them in the past. We hope you can, too.

Impact of Migraines

Migraines affect roughly 39 million people in the US and 1 billion worldwide, making it the third most common illness in the world. It’s estimated that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 children suffer from migraines. Whew, what an impact! What if there was something simple, natural, and proven to reduce migraines?

Well, there is! Studies indicate that magnesium deficiency is tied to migraines in both adults and children. While treatment for migraines often includes over-the-counter painkillers with a host of side effects, magnesium has been thoroughly studied as a simple, safe, inexpensive, and well-tolerated option for the management of migraines in both acute and chronic situations.  One study, in particular, suggests dosages of 400-1000mg of magnesium, as tolerated, for patients who suffer from menstrual migraines and premenstrual syndrome. Bonus! Magnesium has many other benefits throughout the body.

Managing Migraines Naturally

If you are looking for a way to manage migraines naturally with “side benefits” vs. side effects, consider supplementing with high-quality magnesium. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Our bodies don’t store magnesium efficiently.
  • Magnesium needs vary daily and cyclically throughout the month.
  • We need more magnesium during times of high physical or mental stress.
  • Menstruating women report benefiting from increased intake leading up to and during their monthly cycle.

Tips for Supplementing Magnesium

  • Build up your daily intake slowly and don’t be discouraged. Those who are most deficient tend to have more gastrointestinal discomfort when magnesium is first introduced.
  • Give it time and be consistent each day.  While working for acute migraine pain when used like a painkiller and taken when needed, using magnesium on a daily basis can also affect the chronic incidence of migraines by helping to reduce both the frequency and severity over time.  For this to occur the daily magnesium gap must first be consistently overcome, then a physiological excess needs to be maintained over time.  Generally, this often helps the incidence of migraines begin to decline over a period of months.  In many such cases, migraines can be largely eliminated.
  • Building a physiological excess of magnesium is somewhat like trying to fill a bucket with water when there is a large hole in the bottom.  Migraines will not cease until the bucket begins to get somewhat full and stays that way.  To keep the bucket full, one must continually add water faster than it is draining out the bottom.  Daily dosages from 400-800 mg/day spread throughout the day have been noted to achieve this objective.

Shop Genesis BioHealth’s High-Quality Magnesium

Our magnesium balances four different fully reacted magnesium complexes, each with excellent bioavailability for broad benefits, effective absorption, and minimal GI impact. Don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself! We’ll send tips with your order on how to build slowly and tune into your individual magnesium needs over time. Shop magnesium.

Synergy with Vitamin K2-MK4 and Other Minerals

On a personal note, we have found that our clients and ourselves have had the best results with our full Regenesis Protocol. This protocol was designed to pull together a set of nutrients that are most commonly deficient in today’s food supply including vitamins K2-MK4, D, A, and other minerals. These critical nutrients work together synergistically to activate a wide number of repair processes and anti-inflammatory pathways in the body, including helping to activate magnesium’s full potential. Shop our Regenesis Protocol.

Please share with anyone who may benefit! Statistically speaking, you probably know a few.


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Supplements for Acne

If you struggle with acne, you should know that it’s possible to reverse it naturally – without chemicals or drugs!

Did you know that many traditional cultures eating ancestral diets did not have words in their language for acne?  This is because they didn’t suffer from it. Acne is largely a more modern ailment that is largely associated with inadequate nutrition and toxin/waste processing.

Vitamin K2-MK4 with C, D, A, Magnesium, Essential minerals, and Glutathione not only help fight aging on a cellular level, but they also support clear skin! Acne is caused from within and should be treated from within. People with clear skin show higher levels of these various nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, many modern prescription acne medications are based on derivatives of vitamin A, often called “retinoids”. Acne severity often worsens as levels of key nutrients decrease and food-borne antinutrients increase.

Our families personally struggled with cystic acne before we started using the Regenesis Protocol. As a result, we have witnessed severe teenage cystic acne dramatically reduce in 60 days and adult cystic acne breakouts stop.

How these micronutrients help with acne:

  • Preventing root causes of acne
  • Reducing the number and severity of breakouts
  • Balancing hormones, which are one root cause of acne
  • Decreasing incidence of clogged pores
  • Reducing the inflammatory response (redness, swelling)
  • Reducing the incidence of scarring from acne
  • Healing from acne outbreaks
  • Protein formation to maintain healthy skin cells
  • Facilitating skin cell turnover
  • Clean up free radicals causing cell damage
  • Improve metabolic waste clearance in liver and kidneys vs. skin

What the Research Shows on Supplements, Antioxidants, & Acne: 

  • Vitamin K2 is essential for skin health and acne prevention. K2 promotes protein formation and other cellular processes that maintain healthy skin cells. This helps prevent acne breakouts and reduces the incidence of acne scarring. 
  •  K2 and D3 have been shown to balance hormones which are a root cause of acne.
  • 50% of people with acne are shown to have a vitamin D deficiency compared to 23% of those that don’t have acne. Even adding 1000 IU’s of D3 per day for 2 months was shown to decrease the appearance of acne lesions in those that were deficient.
  • Vitamin A is used as a supplement for acne by dermatologists because it regulates the body’s ability to shed dead skin cells, helping to keep pores clear of sebum. It is also a powerful antioxidant helping to minimize swelling and redness in inflammatory acne breakouts. 
  • Magnesium and Calcium taken together can reduce inflammatory acne symptoms and facilitate skin cell turnover and waste clearance, decreasing the incidence of clogged pores.
  • Small amounts of Zinc with Magnesium can help treat acne. Studies show that patients treated with Zinc noticed a decrease in active breakouts compared to those who didn’t. Also, Zinc helps with wound healing that helps minimize acne scarring.
  • Individuals with a copper deficiency convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone which promotes the production of sebum leading to acne. Copper, through its involvement in the formation of several key enzymes, is not only involved in the release of energy inside the cell but also contributes to the function of many antioxidants that mop up the free radicals that cause cell damage. 
  • In 2013, researchers in Saudi Arabia showed there is a clear correlation between acne severity and inflammatory damage.  They also looked at antioxidants glutathione and superoxide dismutase.  These materials help neutralize free radicals and other inflammatory molecules.
  • People with clear skin show higher levels of these antioxidants. Conversely, these antioxidant levels drop as acne gets worse.  
  • In 2012, an Iraqi placebo-controlled study showed that antioxidant supplementation can reduce acne by 50%. The study showed there is a correction between glutathione levels and acne severity. As the antioxidant level drops, the number of pimples goes up.  They had 4 groups of individuals including one with a placebo, one with milk thistle, one with NAC and one with Selenium.  After 8 weeks, the groups with milk thistle and NAC showed a reduction in pimples (NAC stimulates the production of Glutathione).  The group with selenium supplementation also showed improvement but it was slower.

Shop our Regenesis protocol to boost these nutrients in your body, including GSH Builder which supports natural glutathione production, and our All Natural Skincare online, or visit us at the Tomball Farmers Market to learn more. Our healthy lifestyle coaching can also help with cleaning up the diet for best results.


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Workout Recovery & Vitamin K2 + Activators

Athletes & Vitamin K2

Train Harder

 Recover Faster

Improve Stamina

Enhance Endurance

Increase ATP & Energy Output

Support Healthy Joints & Mobility




Vitamin K2, Magnesium, and a few other fat-soluble nutrients are commonly deficient in even the “best” modern diets. Strenuous activity creates a greater demand for these nutrients. Supplementing with the best forms in a synergistic balance can profoundly impact our cellular biochemistry. This translates to quicker exercise recovery, plateau breakthrough, boosted energy through increased ATP production, enhanced endurance, improved stamina & vitality, and support for healthy joints and flexibility. For anyone training hard toward a fitness goal, supporting your body with foundational nutrition can profoundly impact both recovery and performance.


Today it is increasingly recognized that most people have at least one nutritional deficiency surrounding both magnesium and fat-soluble vitamins.  Perhaps the most important of these is the widespread deficiency of magnesium and vitamin K2 and a family of nutrients termed “Fat-Soluble Activators.” Ultimately a deficit of necessary fat-soluble activators leads to the inability of the body to produce enough Vitamin K Dependent Proteins (VKDP) to keep pace with the rate of performance and repair required from a heavy workout, age, or stress related damage. Deficiencies inhibit workout recovery and contribute to a wide variety of diseases and disorders that can all be linked to vitamin K2-MK4 and magnesium status. Fortunately, it is a fact that many of these ailments can be prevented and even partially reversed by proper supplementation and diet.  Both human and animal studies have clearly shown the benefit of K2, magnesium, and holistic nutrition to exercise performance and recovery (1-3).

The multi-nutrient RegenesisTM formulas and Regenesis Protocol from Genesis BioHealth allow users to quickly and effectively close these critical nutrient gaps and accelerate the body’s healing processes.  Our products work by helping the body to completely activate and express the built-in biochemistries coded in the DNA. Our products are outstanding in the market, expertly formulated without fillers for the greatest health impact through gentle synergistic blends. This allows the human body to more effectively generate its full spectrum of restorative and repair enzymes to support your health as it is meant to be.


Virtually all chemical processes in the body are accomplished in one way or another by using “enzymes” and other key metabolites.  Enzymes, hormones, and other metabolites are like tiny machines made of protein, transcribed from DNA, transported actively within the body, and regulated to perform specific tasks.  Like all manufactured machines, producing these biological chemicals requires specific and adequate supplies of resources and energy to be manufactured at a rate where supply can meet demand.  If the supply of enzymes over time does not meet demand, a person’s health degenerates directly.   This is an inescapable fact.  Strenuous physical activity directly increases this demand, often leading to deficiencies in those who are “healthy and eat well.”

For the body to manufacture enough K2-activated enzymes to repair and maintain all its internal systems effectively, it needs K2 (we use the MK4 form) to work in concert with magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin D, and other essential nutrients.  Only when the body has adequate stores of ALL of these fat-soluble nutrients, primary minerals, trace elements, essential amino acids, and essential fatty acids can a full complement of restorative metabolites be maintained and utilized.  As the body ages and/or the demand for these restorative materials increases through lifestyle factors such as exercise, the simultaneous scarcity of the micronutrients in the typical food supply leads to the early onset of many age-related “diseases.”  This is true both today and historically.


If you know a gym, a team, or any group who might be interested in this information, please share! We offer speaking engagements locally in Houston, TX, or virtually for groups who would like to learn more. Please reach out to


To build our Regenesis Protocol, start with our Regenesis collection to select the Vitamin K2-MK4 product that is right for you. Then add Essential Minerals and Magnesium. As a small company, you’ll find great info on our website, but we are working on making it more user-friendly. If you need assistance with questions or ordering in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email us. We’ll also send additional resources with your order on how to get started and begin to tune in to your body with the Regenesis Protocol.


Gut Repair, Magnesium & Vitamin K2

Gut Repair, Magnesium & Vitamin K2

The Basics: Gut Repair, Mg & K2

Magnesium and K2 can help to address gut absorption issues like leaky gut over time. Gastrointestinal (GI) or “gut” repair requires significant levels of magnesium and vitamin K2, which are deficient in many individuals.

Gut Repair, Technically Speaking:

Gut repair is a magnesium and vitamin K2 intensive process. Providing the body with enough magnesium and K2 can help improve cellular repair efficiency, in this case the enterocytes, the microvilli, and the structure of the GI lining itself. This all helps to facilitate efficient absorption. Along these same lines, the enterocytes that actually do the absorbing use a type of molecular “pump/channel/gating” system that is also magnesium dependent in terms of the chemical energy that drives them. Vitamin K2 also helps to generate more chemical energy in the mitochondria of these same cells.

Challenges Overcoming Gastrointestinal Issues


It is a strange paradox that people who are magnesium and vitamin K2 deficient are often challenged with absorption, even for magnesium itself. Due to this paradox, we always stress building slowly, even with our “gut friendly” formulas. We provide customers with step-by-step guidance for a gentle progression along with tools to tune into their body.

Fillers in Supplements

Another issue in many commercial supplements is that they contain fillers that irritate the GI tract and damage it over time, magnifying these problems. Since our products don’t have these fillers, they are more “gut friendly”.

Synergy, Balance & Formulation Matters

Pure Magnesium

Our proprietary formulas contain a targeted blend of magnesium that is a very potent, absorbable and still gentle on the gut. We compound these materials to better mimic mother nature’s diversity.  Our products are expertly and synergistically balanced both individually and between different products. Our goal is to provide biggest overall health impact for the lowest daily cost.

These formulas aid absorption and balance digestive impact. In addition to gut health, they offer the body a variety of important resources towards boosting cellular metabolism with a broad range of positive health impacts.  Learn more.

Supporting your Natural Health

Our Regenesis Protocol provides the magnesium, vitamin K2 (MK4 form), and essential minerals necessary for gut repair and many other biochemical cellular repair processes in the body. This protocol focuses on nutrients most difficult to obtain in today’s food supply that are also most critical to cellular repair for wide spread health impacts. Get a 7.5% discount and best results when ordered together. We’ll also send information to help you get started gently, learn to tune into your body, and adjust over time as your needs change.

We also offer a variety of lifestyle coaching services that allow individuals to implement a customized, flexible, and effective way to live and eat that unlocks the body’s ability to heal and regenerate to the fullest extent possible. Our clients have experienced large improvements in a wide variety of age-related degenerative health problems caused by various combinations of incomplete nutrition and food sensitivities that lead to metabolic dysfunction and/or chronic inflammation. Stay tuned for updates to our services page for upcoming group education events on the farm and virtual opportunities. 

Learn more:

Magnesium Benefits

Vitamin K2-MK4 Benefits

Battling Seasonal Allergies Naturally with Nutrition & Targeted Supplements

Battling Seasonal Allergies Naturally with Nutrition and Targeted Supplementation

It is now widely recognized as “pollen season” in Houston and many areas. This means that those impacted with seasonal allergies find themselves stuffed up, sneezing, itching, with irritated eyes, ears, sinuses, and throat, walking around with brain fog. In the past, we would often head straight to the store and pick up antihistamines to deal with these symptoms. Antihistamines block histamine receptors and help reduce the symptoms above and more.


While taking antihistamines can reduce allergy symptoms, they can also have side effects, including drowsiness, dry mouth, and constipation. Long-term use of certain antihistamines has been shown to cause liver damage and other more serious side-effects. (Lii, 2019). When over-the-counter antihistamines weren’t enough, our doctor would sometimes also prescribe steroids to help with the inflammation. Since we have been using the Regenesis Protocol, however, we have found that we can largely prevent allergies using healthy nutrition.


Our Strategy for Battling Allergies Naturally with Nutrition

In addition to eating a nutrient-dense diet, we make sure to get several hard-to-get critical minerals and vitamins through supplementation. This strategy has become our alternative to antihistamines.  Magnesium, selenium, copper, and zinc, alongside vitamins C, D, A, and K2-MK4 form the core of our targeted supplement strategy.  We also consume many other critical micronutrients more easily available from a well-balanced nutrient dense diet.  All the nutrients we specifically supplement listed above have been conclusively shown to work together to help our immune system fight allergies.


First, we make sure to take a full recommended daily allowance of magnesium for a total of just over 350-400 mg per day. Magnesium is one of the most important things a person can supplement for a wide variety of reasons. Related to allergies, it helps to build B lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell which circulates in the blood and lymph system. These B cells are part of our innate immune system. They act as a surveillance system and help keep the immune system strong (Marchione, 2017).

Magnesium also has been shown to directly decrease histamine levels in the body and fight inflammation due to allergies. In addition, magnesium can help people who have asthma by relaxing smooth muscles lining airways by opening them up. (Ellis, 2013).

Genesis BioHealth’s Magnesium product adds an extra benefit by including Vitamin C, (Magnesium Absorbate). Vitamin C is both a natural antihistamine and antioxidant, which studies show may reduce inflammation and swelling due to allergies. Studies show that taking just 2 grams of Vitamin C per day may reduce histamines by 38% (Danahay, 2021).

Another added benefit of the Genesis BioHealth Magnesium is that we use Magnesium Taurate as a primary ingredient. Studies have recently shown that Taurine, along with many other health benefits, may serve as a treatment for allergies (Zhou, Lu, Li, Wu, Xie, & Feng, 2020).


Essential Minerals

The next mineral in our allergy arsenal is selenium which is critical for antibody production. Selenium is also necessary to make a crucial enzyme that is a powerful antioxidant and destroys free radicals before they can oxidize cells, causing damage. If a person doesn’t get enough selenium, they will have a broad-based drop in their overall immunity, making them even more likely to suffer from allergies.

Also important, and often overlooked as a basic mineral, is copper.  Along with broad based improvements in overall immune response and other essential functions, copper has been shown to specifically help inhibit the release of histamines (Sharma, & Jande 1989)

Finally, we make sure to get our daily allowance of zinc. This mineral is shown to have a specific beneficial effect on allergic and asthma outcomes. A research team at the Allergy and Respiratory Research Group Center for Population Health Sciences at the University of Edinburgh looked at data from 62 reports. The data shows that zinc had a significant positive impact on asthma and allergic outcomes (Marchione, 2017).


Bringing it all together

While the healthy impact on allergies provided by all the other micronutrients listed in the introduction is beyond the scope of this article, each of them has also been conclusively shown to have positive impacts on the allergic response mediated by histamines, mast cells, and other contributing factors.  When they are all present in the body and can work together with no shortages or compromises, allergies, overall immune strength, and holistic health in total is greatly improved.

Overall, we have found that we can get through allergy season much better when we eat well balanced seasonal fruits and vegetables, pastured or wild caught eggs, beef, chicken, pork, and fish. By focusing on balanced nutrition and targeted supplementation, we can significantly reduce or even eliminate our need for medications.

We get our Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, and Vitamin C from our Essential Minerals and Magnesium products. We get more C as well as our Vitamins A, D, and K2-MK4 through our Regenesis DA product. We also consume pastured foods rich in vitamin A, K, and D and get healthy doses of sunlight.

In addition to the strong impact on allergies, these nutrients also have many other health benefits.  In short, by using such a strategy, our health has been dramatically improved in many measurable ways, greatly improving our overall quality of life.

Diana Cross




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Delicious Caramel Recipe

Delicious Caramel Recipe

It can be challenging to find a tasty holiday treat when you are gluten-free.  However, Collin and I found a fantastic recipe from Love, Life, and Sugar for homemade caramel that comes out perfectly every time.  While we don’t advocate eating much sugar, when we do decide to indulge ourselves, we go for pure cane sugar to satisfy our sweet tooth.  Click here to see the “Easy Caramel Recipe.” 

We love to eat it on fresh apples (which may actually transform it into health food) or even put it in our coffee.  We liked it so much that we gave it as gifts to friends and family last year.  Now, they are asking us to make it again this year.  We water bath can small jars to give and to keep on hand.  This way, we do not have to worry about keeping it refrigerated until we open it. 

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Diana Cross | December 2021