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Introducing Dr. Cross

Is a Lack of Fat Soluble Micro-Nutrients the Hidden Cause of your Families Ailments? – Part I – Preamble



Collin W. Cross; Ph.D. – 6/30/2015




Hello All!  My name is Dr. Collin Cross.   Most of my friends call me Doc.  I am not a Medical Doctor though.  Instead, I am a Physical Chemist.  The common theme of my career has been the synthesis, analysis, and computational physics of self-assembling systems of macromolecules.  The particular fields I have expertise in are:

  • Organization, phase transitions and switching dynamics of liquid crystals, used in TV screens and elsewhere.

  • Large biological macromolecules, specifically DNA/RNA (oligonucleotides) and Enzymes (proteins). The physics of their, mechanics, self-assembly, folding and recognition mechanisms.

  • Surfactants, Emulsions, Layers, Coatings. Dynamics, Structure/Property, Thermodynamics, Synthesis, Modeling

How it Started?

In around April of 2014, I was going about my normal life, working behind the scenes as a chemist, just as I have done for the last 27 years.  One day, due to a strange chain of random events, I happened upon an article dealing with arterial calcification and the newly discovered mechanisms and biochemistry of vitamin K2, which I had never heard of before.  The article was also talking about Gouda Cheese being healthy.  Now…I like cheese.  So, when someone mentions cheese might be good for you somehow…my ears perk up!

So I started to read.  In my years as a chemist, I have learned to read to the deepest depths of the biochemical literature.  In fact, I have many peer reviewed works published there.  As a result of my work, I was invited to sit, and did so for several years, on the Jury Panel for the ACS journal, “Biochemistry”, for certain areas of computational biology.  In this arena I was recognized as a world expert in the structure and dynamical movements involved in base pair and phosphate backbone recognition for oligonucleotide binding.

Hmmm…so what does all that mean?  Well it means, I was heavily involved in pioneering some of the techniques and foundations for the physics of solution phase structural elucidation, DNA substrate recognition and binding, and structural mechanics and dynamics, applied to rational drug design efforts.  My job and interest were to understand how these biological macromolecules work, and then utilize their structure and physics, in order to better design drugs to modify their actions.

Why is this Important?

So what does this have to do with K2 and your health?  Well, about 14 months ago, as I said…I came upon K2.  As I was doing so, it all clicked in to place for me.  Some problems and issues with the whole anti-fat/cholesterol movement that had never made sense to me.  A few inconsistencies that I had never been able to fit into the larger framework of my knowledge.  Now the ramifications were sinking in.  If this was true, it meant that likely everyone I know was suffering a K2-MK4 deficiency and it was affecting their long term health?

For those of you already familiar with K2, you may be familiar with the rivalry between users of the K2-MK4 variety and K2-MK7 variety (which is what is commonly sold in stores).  While I don’t want to take time here to get into all of the issue now, let me just go on record because the story is going to take a while to develop.  The answer is MK4.  I myself only get MK7 from food, which is easy to do with a little effort.  I also would not advise anyone to buy any MK7 variety to start with.  This is why I place this here.  I have several friends who have rushed to the store (as I did) and bought some MK7, only to be overdosed and develop severe and scary side effects.  MK4 is what our body needs, and this is what most of the peer reviewed research is done with.  Anyway, I have many reasons and much evidence for having such high regard for the MK4 variety. I will address some of them later on.  But when I say K2, you should know I mean MK4, or the entire family as found in nature.  If I am referring to any of the higher species like MK7 or MK9 specifically, I will address them as such.  Elsewise, MK4.  Because it is what our bodies are optimized to use.  More importantly, it is able to potentiate a wider variety of physiologies and thus provides more benefit with fewer adverse side effects.  The other species will work to some extent in proper dosages, but MK4 is the primary nutrient our body wants to utilize.  It can activate several physiologies that MK7 cannot.  The converse is not true.

So, was what was being suggested by this new science possible?  Could K2 chemistry be the “missing link” to make it all fit?  I started to study the literature, all the way down to the biochemistry.  What I learned was amazing, shocking even, when I finally decided to read the work of Weston A. Price (WAP) myself, after hearing his work repeatedly referenced in the literature.  What a masterpiece of scientific achievement his work was!  Everyone should read it.  The book is currently over 70 years old and on its 8th edition.  Why was I just now learning of this work at age 51?  Why had no one explained the ramifications of his work to me before?  Why didn’t everyone know what I now knew?  Could it be?  In short, I was amazed.  Flabbergasted even (that may be the first time I have ever written that word?)!  Furthermore, it all made perfect sense now.  Those inconsistencies I had never been able to fathom were now starting to make sense in this new context, as my mind sifted through the ramifications.

The Health of Me and My Family

In my family, on my mother’s side primarily, we tend toward diabetes, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, etc.  Good old metabolic syndrome.  We had all been managing the symptoms of this disease for the last 15+ years with fair success, or so we thought.  So we already ate healthy, low carb, diabetic diets with good activity levels.  We ate what we had been taught to believe was healthy!   That is why it was always so frustrating.  No matter how well I managed my carbs, or my weight, or how much exercise I got, I still struggled with my BP, blood sugar, energy levels, dental issues, aches paints, chronic sinus infections, headaches, etc.  Since most of the other people I knew in my age bracket or older suffered with the same such issues, I thought it was “normal” for someone my age.

The more I read, however, and observed my body respond over the years, the more I understood that my body was not able to regulate itself properly.  It was not that I could not make enough insulin.  Just that my body was not using it properly.  Why not?  No one knew?  They called it “insulin sensitivity”.  This new science, however, was revealing hard research that supported the work others were talking about, and also implied that WAP was right on target all along!  Was it possible that these diseases of aging, including my diabetes, were just nutrient deficiencies?  Could they really be cured by eating High Vitamin Butter Oil and Cod Liver Oil???   I am now beginning to believe that WAP was only onto the tip of the iceberg though.  If everyone could eat right all the time, what would the world be like?  What did I have to lose really?  So I kept reading and thinking?

No Help Was to be Found!

The ongoing discussions of the research I was able to find all seemed to focus on individual aspects of the problems I perceived.  I began to realize that many were trying various tactics that focused on one aspect of the issue, or another.  However, I could not find a reliable set of experiences, from either anecdotal reports or clinical studies, describing a simultaneous attack of the problem from all the angles that I believed necessary.  Necessary to initiate complete Regenesis.  Weston A. Price had beautifully demonstrated the “degeneration” that occurred when people lost nutrient density and adopted a nutrient poor diet.  However, no one seemed to have ever studied if these degenerated people could then be “regenerated”.  This was what my primary question was?  Could I get healthier, and could my body “regenerate” if I adopted such a regimen?  Could it regenerate all the way?  Or perhaps only part of the way?  Perhaps beyond all the way?  What was “all the way” anyway?

What we Did?

Now I saw WAP’s dilemma.  No one could answer me?  I could not find evidence of any program that put all the required pieces of the puzzle into play simultaneously.  I therefore designed such a program and have used myself as the initial test case.  A program that I believed would address all the layered and interconnected issues at the same time.    I hypothesized that in order to bring the body back into full regulatory balance and proper operation that several things needed to be done simultaneously.  The primary strategy of the protocol is therefore to:

  • Decalcify the regulatory organs of the endocrine, cardiovascular, and nervous systems so that they could more effectively operate and to regulate the physiology

  • Heal the gut, so that it would no longer leak, contribute to endocrine disruption, and fail to properly absorb vital micro nutrients

  • Establish healthy gut biota to keep the gut healthy, boost immunity and to allow the natural nutrient exchange symbiosis to develop

  • Reduce chemical attack from processed foods, grains, nuts, legumes (seeds) and nightshade vegetables. All contributing to chronic inflammation

  • Increase nutrient density at the expense of empty calories and anti-nutrients. To balance weight, increase biochemical resources, and boost cellular metabolism

  • Temporarily reduce aggressive exercise to low impact types only, to reduce competitive demands on the body’s restorative resources but still allow additional nutrient flux via calorie burn. (running, biking or lifting cannot help to heal a tooth, or decalcify an artery).  Damage accrued from such exercise will compete for the K2 dependent resources needed to restore the internal systems of the body)

All this was designed to give my body the absolute best chance of shifting my endocrine system back towards its natural state in the shortest possible time.  That possibly it might begin to regulate itself again without prescription drugs.

After making a decision that the findings around K2, gut, and probiotics were valid, we took the plunge and began to radically change our diet while also taking magnesium and K2-MK4 supplements.  The overall aim was to eat in such a way so as to accomplish two primary objectives.  The first being to close the nutrient deficiency gaps so that the body had all the resources necessary to regenerate.  The second was to stop the chronic inflammatory attack on the body which is what led to the need for most of the regeneration in the first place.  This because of the endocrine and gut disrupting chemical species present in the processed and seed based foods of modern commerce.

How We Did It?

The elements of the protocol that we adopted are to “the greatest degree possible”.

  • Eliminate/reduce foods that contain bacteria killing preservatives

  • Eliminate all sources of fluoride into our bodies

  • Reduce skin care products from coming into contact with our skin

  • Drink probiotics from a robust and widely varied set of sources so as to promote a healthy gut biota

  • Eat meat and dairy only from truly ALL grass fed local farming sources

  • Cook with the fat and bone in all meat, roasts and stews. Add more bones and drink the bone-broth where possible

  • Eat plenty of fresh local vegetables and fruits to at least 60% of the diet

  • Eliminate/reduce from the diet seed based foods including grains, nuts, beans and seed oils

  • Eliminate/reduce the consumption of vegetables from nightshade plants, including potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and bell peppers

  • Supplement with vitamin K2-MK4, starting with a low level and ramping up slowly from 0.1 mg/day (100 mcg), especially for the elderly, to a maximum of 2-3 mg/day

  • Supplement with high quality magnesium to greater than 300 mg/day of elemental magnesium

  • Get enough sunshine to keep blood levels of Vitamin D >40 ng/ml, with greater than 60 ng/ml being prefered, year round using minimal supplementation

  • Ensure an ample source off natural vitamin A (true retinoids only, no beta carotene)

These objectives were accomplished over a fair time, and a prolonged series of adventurous learning experiences.  At first, the changes we made seemed dramatic.  Looking back, it was really just about learning to do a few key things in different ways.  Primarily taking more time to procure and prepare proper food that will fuel maximum nutrient intake at the expense of empty calories and anti-nutrients.

Why it Works?

Figure 1, shows a graphic illustration of the balance of forces we are seeking to affect.  Some may initially object that legumes and nuts are indicated as “nutrient poor” and on the left side of the figure.  This is because all members of the seed family of foods tightly bind their nutrients in compounds called “phytates”.  This makes these minerals largely unavailable for humans unless special preparations are made. Even then, they are not very healthy.  Most seeds will actually extract your minerals, rather than you obtaining theirs.  This is called acting as an “anti-nutrient”.  Additionally, aside from acting as an anti-nutrient, seeds also contain many defensive and aggressive proteins, called “lectins” that invade your cells mechanisms and interfere with both primary and secondary active transport.  This, in turn, compromises your cells integrity, their ability to pump metabolites across the cell wall.  In other words, acting as slow poison to your endocrine, nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Balance of Forces

Figure 1 – The balance of restorative and degenerative rates determine body health.  By ensuring the balance tips toward the right, we can help to improve our health.    To become healthy, one must tip the scales to the right.   The key is to stop the damage that results from poor food choices, and choose foods that allow more nutrient density at equal calories.

The Results!

Yes well, my wife and my mother really do love me.  They were both in, as was my Pops!  We all began to take on the challenge of learning to shop, cook and apply the dietary principles we were to follow. In the meantime, many others started with us at one level or another.  After 4 months, and many reports from other individuals we were in contact with, it was apparent that some good things were happening.  By 6 months, it was nearly too good to be true.  Especially for those of us who really followed the dietary principles of WAP, while also dramatically reducing seed content in the diet, along with the proper supplementation of Magnesium and K2-MK4.

So.  It worked!  I mean…IT REALLY WORKED!  Our bodies began to regenerate.  In amazing ways.  The results were MEASURABLE and REPRODUCIBLE.  That was over 12 months ago, and I have now decided to devote time and effort towards effectively articulating the protocol and the science behind this miracle that changed my life.  So that others might also benefit as we have.  What MANY are discovering!  What many others are now working to tell the world, and to spread the word.

Now What?

I have decided to join that project.  To spread the word.  So, the reason I tell you all of this is that I am not “some guy off the internet” as someone challenged me one day!  Nor am I a famous medical doctor though.  I am, however, a qualified expert who has devoted much time and effort toward the study of biochemistry and its impact on health.  This both professionally, and as a passion, hobby and interest.  One of the little known scientists who designs and operates the tools and science behind the health industry and many others.

So, I hope this gives some credibility to my analyses, ongoing observations, hypotheses and conclusions surrounding such as I discuss.  Ultimately I hope it convinces you to follow me along as I broadcast what I have learned into cyberspace for the first time!   Because what I describe is real and it can be amazing.  However, it is also complex and so can be fickle at this particular point in time.  For some, if done improperly, it can be scary and painful, potentially even dangerous.  This is largely because the world has followed the wrong path to nutrition, with the whole food, medical, and health industries adapting over decades to service and institutionalize these incorrect beliefs.

The Status Quo

These industries are only slowly starting to shift onto the right track, behind the scenes and amidst many conflicting interests and liabilities.  Slowly turning and yielding to the liquid forces of economic pressure and demand.  However, history shows us that it will be years, perhaps even decades, before the food and health industries can adapt and institutionalize this new knowledge.   So that it becomes common knowledge for all people, even those that do not spend their time studying nutrition as I do.  At best it will be decades before this knowledge can penetrate to the growing children.  In the interim, many will continue to sicken, and even die however, due to these mistakes of the past and their combined inertia.  More importantly, the changes are necessary to correct the associated genetic mistakes that are being wrongfully propagated at the detriment of our next generations.

In the end, however, we all must decide for ourselves.  Improving health is about responsibility, knowledge, behavior, and baby steps.  So my goal is to help readers to do what we have done, if they so choose.  Because if done properly, this new science can change your life.  It can roll the years back and make you feel young again.  However, if done improperly, it can also be scary and confusing, or you can be misled in numerous ways that also cause failure of the protocol.  This is all happening, though, because there is true efficacy here.  Powerful efficacy.  Unfortunately, from a guidance perspective, it is currently like the Wild West.  Most Doctors do not even know of K2.  There is controversy over MK7 vs MK4.  No one talks, sells or studies the higher species…MK8-13?  What about them?  Are they important too, or can we ignore them?  So many questions?  How can a person understand it all?

Both sides take positions with little understanding.  All the while, the newest research and nutritional discoveries are at odds with mainstream medical intervention at the front line.  Those doctors that do know of K2, and are beginning to practice with it, are at the mercy of the same marketing propaganda as the rest of us. Industrial medicine is not interested in K2’s existing potential.  There is little money for products there, or services.  Because the market demands growth by the quarter…not investment and research for the future.  This also because K2 occurs naturally, in all its diversity, and it is in the foods we are meant to eat.  Unfortunately though, it is not in the food most of us currently eat.

It takes a lot of time to sift through the literature and sort out the meat from the potatoes.  If you dig down to the chemistry, it is all clear. There is no marketing there.  Well I have done that, and continue to do so.  I have validated this biochemistry and I have engaged in the practice of implementing it successfully.  I have done this both in the literature, and through my own initiatives and informal studies.  I am very pleased with the results, and I would like to share them with you.

The Purpose – Onward!

Over the coming months, I will be writing a series of original, referenced, and in-depth lay articles about a recently discovered chronic and widespread deficiency of one or more of the fat soluble vitamins in much of the US population.[1,2,3]  Importantly, it is becoming increasingly clear that most forms of chronic age related disease, are driven by a combination of long term nutrient deficiencies.[4]  This has the effect of limiting and draining our body’s natural restoration and repair systems to levels that are not able to keep pace with the rate of damage we incur as we age.  This is then exacerbated by the active conflict, sensitization and subsequent chronic inflammation caused by several specific families of aggressive biological compounds present in all forms of seeds.  Or certain foods made from seeds, or even foods that contain products made from seeds.  Additionally some of the commonly eaten plants of the nightshade family.[5,6]  These foods as a detrimental grouping were termed “The Modern Foods of Commerce” by Dr. Weston A. Price during his proof of these same concepts in the 1930s.[7] 

During the series, I will explain to the reader how this unfortunate situation, surrounding the K2 family of vitamins and the “modern foods of commerce”, is likely affecting the health of you, your family, and most of the people you know.  Specifically I will be providing a high level overview of the relevant biochemistry and current understandings surrounding the research that is driving all the new and accelerating changes.  We will explore the implications, potential pathways to disease, and practical dietary changes a person can take to improve their health, happiness, and quality of life by taking advantage of this new emerging science.


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