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Why Genesis BioHealth

Why choose Genesis BioHealth’s products?

Maximum Impact, Minimal Cost. 

Our products were designed with the sole purpose of providing maximum health benefits for the lowest daily cost. We’re on a mission to help as many people as possible to live their best life naturally through foundational, cellular health. This means quality, safety, and integrity over profits. We test and select the best raw materials and leave out all the other stuff. The synergy of blended ingredients maximizes the body’s usage, outperforming others in the market, based on the latest, most relevant clinical research.

Simply stated, Genesis BioHealth exists because Dr. Cross could not find a product on the market that met these standards. Created for our family, shared with yours.


Fillers? No, thanks.

Our unique capsule system helps ensure the body has access to the same complete nutrition the healthiest of ancient cultures once did.  Unlike commonly available supplements, ours contain either no fillers at all, or use our high-quality blended magnesium as a filler.  Fillers are used to increase the speed and ease of supplement manufacture along with business profitability.  Fillers, however, are not natural dietary components and many are known to damage tissues and cause interruptions to physiology over time, leading to chronic inflammation and other potential issues.  The metabolic cost of these events, while potentially having a negative effect on health, also further increases the same nutritional gaps needing to be closed, thus causing many supplements to work against themselves.  Because our supplements only contain the desired natural dietary ingredients in their purest forms, they do not do this.


Synergy in Each Product + Throughout Product Line

Our approach to filling capsules means more desired nutrients can be packed into the capsules. The end result is a more potent, compact, flexible, and easy-to-swallow capsule system with maximum impact.  For example, our blended magnesium contains 4 forms of organically bound magnesium to maximize absorbability and also to provide additional health benefits over and above that of the magnesium itself.  More information about our magnesium blend can be found here.

At the same time, our products are designed to work together as a customizable multi-part system that targets only the micronutrients most challenging to get from diet. These carefully selected nutrients work together in the body as cofactors in thousands of biochemical processes relying on sufficient levels of each micronutrient. Our protocol allows individuals to build, evolve, and maintain an ideal nutritional supplement plan over the long haul by teaching users to tune into their bodies and vary dosages over time with our mix-and-match system.

Learn more about our dietary protocol by contacting us.  While our website is still under development, those interested can still register for nutritional coaching. We’ll send you information on how to get started and tune into your body and/or help with your order as well. We can help you achieve your health goals the natural way.