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Our lives revolve around health, which directly impacts the way we live.  As human society has evolved, we have lost vital components critical for our well being.  Genesis BioHealth, using the latest research, has developed a blend of healing ingredients necessary for body regeneration and optimal health.  Our supplements contain advanced blends of organic mineral complexes centered on magnesium, as well as vitamins K2-MK4, A, C, and D3.

Live Your Best Life, Naturally

Why should you take our supplements?

The answer is simple.  A vast network of cooperating chemical reactions controls all the functions of the body.  Many of these depend upon micronutrients. Without enough micronutrients working together, the speed, balance, and number of processes operating in the body will be less than ideal, leading to health breakdown over time.  More than ever before, the ability for sufficient vitamins, minerals, and hormones to work together has become scientifically recognized as being more critical and more complex than previously thought.

In today’s busy industrialized world, the commercial food chain no longer provides all the micronutrients it once did.  Most of the foods we buy, whether from a farmer’s market, the organic section of a supermarket, or a restaurant, are themselves deficient of micronutrients, containing only 50%-70% of the levels they once did.  At the same time, harmful factors such as environmental toxins, stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep are higher than ever, further increasing the need for sufficient nutrition. Even those who “eat healthily” will struggle to bring their pool of combined micronutrients to the levels truly needed.

By adding our products to your lifestyle, you will be taking an important step to maximize your health in the best way possible.  Let our products help to fuel your family’s nutrition.

Why Genesis BioHealth products?

Our unique formula, along with our combined approach to diet, helps ensure the body has access to the same complete nutrition the healthiest of ancient cultures once did.  Unlike commonly available supplements, ours contain no fillers.  Fillers are used to increase the speed of supplement manufacture and business profitability.  They are not natural dietary components, however, and many are known to damage tissues and cause interruptions to physiology.  The metabolic cost of these events further increases the same nutritional gap needing to be closed, thus causing many supplements to work against themselves.  Because our supplements only contain the desired natural dietary ingredients, they do not do this.  Additionally, it means more desired nutrients can be packed into the capsule, making a more potent, compact, and easy to swallow package with maximum impact.

Our products are designed to work together in a three-part formula targeting only micronutrients most challenging to get from diet.  Using all three parts of our formula together can enable dosages for the various ingredients to be adjusted over wide ranges.  By mixing and matching our capsules, one can build, evolve, and maintain a healthy supplement plan over the long haul.

Find out more about the fantastic new developments in nutrition surrounding vitamin K2-MK4 on our other pages!  Give our dietary protocol a try by contacting us about nutritional coaching.  We can help you achieve your health goals the natural way.