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What type of Vitamin K2 should I take? MK4 vs. MK7

Vitamin K2-MK4 for Optimal Performance

Vitamin K2 Supplements 

Vitamin K2 supplementation has become increasingly common as more info is released about its many benefits, activation of other vitamins, and widespread deficiency in our modern day.


Why supplement with Vitamin K2? 

Vitamin K2 is critical to development, health, and aging due to its involvement in cellular healing, repair, and maintenance processes for virtually the entire body. However, most individuals are deficient in Vitamin K2 or its activators that include magnesium and other fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin D & A due to today’s food supply.


Vitamin K2-MK4 vs MK7

When we speak of the vitamin K2 subtype, there are several known species. Subtypes differ in molecule chain lengths from 4 units to 15 units, thus named as vitamin K2-MK4 to K2-MK15. Because Genesis BioHealth is committed to offering you the safest, most effective products for the lowest daily cost, we utilize the MK4 form. 

Vitamin K2-MK4 Vitamin K2-MK4 vs MK7

This form is naturally used in human and animal physiology.  It can be manufactured directly by conversion of K1 in various tissues of the body and is the ideal size and shape to fit into the activation pocket of the appropriate enzymes in humans and animals.  This enables it to properly activate all the body’s required functions.  

Vitamin K2-MK7+

The K2 species with longer chain lengths, MK5-MK15, are products and by-products of anaerobic bacterial respiration. Human bodies can use these species to some extent. However, they are not optimized to fit into the activation pockets of the enzymes, are not as completely utilized by the body, nor are they transported as effectively to tissues prior to their use.

Unfortunately, there is much misinformation surrounding the use of MK7.  MK7 is inexpensive and widely available. Therefore it has become the most widely available commercial source of vitamin K2 even though it does not work as well in the body and can produce adverse effects at lower dosages.  

Why we use the MK4 form of Vitamin K2

We include the vitamin K2-MK4 form in our products and find it very effective for our clients.  Its very low tendency to create side effects and rapid assimilation by tissues mean that MK4 can be taken at much higher dosages than MK7, thereby boosting its efficacy by a large margin. For the consumer, this generally means a slightly higher cost for much-improved results.

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